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My name is Vladimir Cincović. Sapron is a demon that is itself a mysterious guardian of truth, forests and animals. This blog was created out of love for music, because I deal with a lot of music, and I love a lot metal music, also I write a lot. I decided  to create this blog, because I want people to see what I see myself in the music, and that my  readers have a complete good feeling reading my reviews, columns and so on, I want readers who are not familiar themselves with metal world to understand, that metal is a superior and quality music, as well as those who listen to metal to present a complete atmosphere of metal and that among other things with my reviews, interiews and columns, I will make them more interesting and special, as well as for metalheads, and for those entering the world of metal. My favorite genre of metal is black metal. These genre is the only genre that can convey the truth about evil and darkness, in the right way as the only awakw consciousness through the influence of Satanism and everything else. My main goal is to attract people to metal music, and that people get better information about metal music. This blog will bring you that.  I’ll always wish that the readers, have a proper understanding of the music, and to accept it. I created this blog as a hobbie. I did not have a clue that, I  will get this far, with this blog and magazine. Support the Demon Reports, I need your support to make this magazine and blog even better.THANK YOU.


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