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Album Review: Revenge – Deceiver. Diseased. Miasmic

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, comes black metal fury, Revenge. Formed in 2000, they delivered 4 EP′s, 2 splits and 5 full length albums. Our focus is on their 4th EP “Deceiver. Diseased. Miasmic”. This EP contains only two songs packed in close to nine minutes of total chaos.

“Diseased Intrusion” so as “Deceiver Futile” is simply not for everyone. This is pure, raw, stripped to the bone, totally insane black metal delivered from the depths of hell. If you ever wondered how would sound awaken Demon, here is the answer. And it simply hurts.

EP dominates by mysterious, unpleasant tyrannical, furious, morbid, aggressive, violent, oppressive atmosphere. I simply can not find enough adjectives to describe this madness and chaos. If you want revenge to someone, just turn “Deceiver. Diseased. Miasmic” as loud as you can!

I have no idea if the guys are deceivers. If they are, they are absolutely diseased. Put them to mental institution! Miasmic? 100%


1. Diseased Intrusion

2. Deceiver Futile

Rating of the review: 8/10

Label: Season of Mist



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