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Album Review: Statement – Force of Life

The most famous Danish musician of all times is, of course, Kim Bendix Petersen, better known as King Diamond. My focus is not neither King Diamond or Merciful Fate today. Also from Denmark (Copenhagen), totally different style (hard rock) and far beyond King Diamond dimension and my comfort zone comes Statement.

To be honest, I din′t listen album from the beginning.when I saw they have cover, that was first on my list. “California Dreaming” somehow stuck to my mind in early childhood. I guess my parents were listening it too much. From what I hear, Statement delivered really good cover. Now, you got my attention! Let`s listen the rest of the album!

I am pleasantly surprised. Although there are some elements I really never liked (new metal elements), overall, album has good structure, fast tempo songs, slightly aggressive approach, diverse vocals, catchy melodies and rocking drumming, modern, well produced sound.

Both, “The Hero Inside” and “Darkness in my Eyes” have catchy melody, vocal diversity that goes from melancholic to extremely powerful, and at some parts desperately reminds to Urban breed and Serious Black.

“Higher Ground” is just my cup of tea. Melody again, killing riff, melancholy vocal, maybe with touch of pop, but still good song.

Whole album is a well balanced mix of different styles: hard rock, heavy rock, melodic rock, pop, with a touch of eighties.

When I started writing this review, I thought this will be boring album, but Statement opened a whole new world for me.

Cover art is signed by Jobert Mello (Primal Fear, Sabaton, Sinner…) and simply, with him, there are no mistakes.

“I Wonder Why” is sleazy piece followed by video. Not my piece of cake, so as “The Hurt”. Do not get me wrong. The song is diverse, with good composition, but so far from my comfort zone.

Title song… Hell yeah! Back to the power! Yet again, I can recognize Serious Black influence. Call me crazy, but as mostly the band was characterized as mix of Accept and Scorpions, but I really think they are closest to Serious Black style, at least when we are talking about singing. The song itself glorifies drumming, and it seams, Martin Poulsen here gave his best.

“Rock Your Heart Out” is slower piece with surprisingly Metallica like riff. Vocal is here more aggressive, and I think if I might say what made the best impression on this album is definitely diverse vocals, as I wrote many times before.

After eight songs, three outstanding, one good cover and four solid pieces, I am not surprised “Feeling Scared” from the beginning did not draw my attention. Just when I thought it was too boring and wanted to turn it off, blast! Somewhere at 2:50 amazing guitar solo saved the situation.

If you thought there are no ballads, you are wrong! “In This Moment” is solid ballad, with I guess, autobiographical lyrics, with good, long guitar solo borrowed from eighties. Perfect ending.

One thing I have learnt over the years: never underestimate bands that are far from your comfort zone. You might be surprised!

Album rating: 8/10

Label: Mighty Music


1. The Hero Inside
2. Darkness in my eyes
3. Higher Ground
4. I Wonder Why
5. The Hurt
6. Force of Life
7. California Dreaming
8. Rock your Heart Out
9. Feeling Scared
10. In this Moment



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