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Single Review: Mortemia – Death Turns a Blind Eye (feat. Marcela Bovio)

Mortemia is a project by Norwegian musician  and multi-instrumentalist Morten Veland, founder of Tristania and Sirenia that was created in 2009, after that he released the full length record “Misere Mortem” released in 2010. Receiving a great feedback from the audience regarding the project. Morten then continued his work in his own unique and great style.  Morten  already had released the previous song “The Enigmatic Sequel” feat. Madeleine Liljestam from Eleine. And now today he is back with a new oneDeath Turns a Blind Eye (feat. Marcela Bovio)” as a part of the ”The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions” (2021). Let’s get to the song, as I will explain and review this song – with my personal thoughts and objectively.


Smooth melodies of guitars, some heavy riffs – enchanting atmosphere, great coordinated vocals and growls – presents this song as one powerful gothic metal masterpiece.  My personal thoughts as a hear it where, that it is complex – it is unique, enigmatic – every chapter and part of the song has it’s special sound, tone and of course the arrangements. And for me the riffs, melodies, piano melodies and sounds, also all of the other stuff in the song, that is a part of it’s complexity – truly shows a peace of art cleverly produced, arranged to present this true gothic essence and a wide platform of melodies/sounds – to be atmospheric, also to be enjoyable for listening. Morten did a fantastic job implementing all of this elements in the song – creating a complex song, that has this strong structure – which present’s all of the qualities of the song in every part of it.

I can hear that Morten added some of his work from Sirenia and Tristania, there are similarities in riff parts of the song in some producing part, but Morten apparently wanted to stay true to his creating process, not changing to much the sound and the foundation of it. He just pointed out his previous work that he created with this two bands, wrapped with his own more personal approach to it – creating this excellent gothic project that has all of the qualities that one gothic song needs to have.

This two songs and this specially are pointed to the era of Sirenia and Tristania, but his full length record ”Misere Mortem” with Mortemia, was slightly different from this song – with more heavier metal approach, but still this song has a different approach – softer one that reminds of his previous work before.

Morten growls are heavy and raw, very well adapted and arranged to the whole song – adding this tension and catchiness to the song- making it more interested. Marcela’s (MaYan, Dark Horse White Horse) vocals on the other hand are divine, beautiful enchanting female voice , as well skillful – gave the song it’s meaning, it’s soul. They both contributed in such outstanding way to create this divine gothic masterpiece.

Technical side is flawless  – followed by drum coordination, balanced riffs, organized production and very well adapted arrangements –  created unique atmosphere of colorful melodies and masterful sounds, lifting up the divine gothic symphonies to it’s best.  Morten for sure, did plan very skillfully how to record this song, as he did with the previous ones – proving once again that he is a a high quality musician, that creates incredible music.

Piano and violin sounds gave this atmospheric special vibe to the song, totally in the gothic symphonic manner – adding more uniqueness to the whole song. And they are adapted very well to the Marcela’s vocals, creating an amazing experience of beauty in a form of sound. It is also the one of highlights of the song, beside riffing parts fused with Morten growls.

This is a typical sad gothic song, full of emotions as the title of the song is referring too. It is a great background story, that is completely followed by the sounds and melodies that portraited the story of the song fully.

My personal view is that this is one of the rare songs, but there are more – that portraits the early gothic vibe and influences, that many great gothic bands presented before from Nightwish, Within Temptation, Leaves Eyes, Xandria and of course Morten’s two bands.  I think that it is a great thing to go back to the roots, to create something that is distinctive, different, but at the same time just perfect – with the high level of frequency. I think Morten present’s his music in such a way – with all of the skillful and masterful approach that defines his music to be such a masterpiace of sounds and melodies.

The fans of his work and other listeners, but as well as the fans of Sirenia and Tristania, will enjoy this song fully – not because it reminds of something he done before, but because of dedication and effort put in it to create it, to sound good, to have a strong structure, complexity, to be raw but gentle at the same time. It’s like a fine peace of aural art, wrapped in metal power. Objectively this is the reason that the fans will like it, but as well as the rest of the audience, too.

Gothic divine symphonies/ melodies perfectly structured music defines this song, Morten’s music as a true iconic gothic divinity. An escape to a world of excellent musical arrangements  , aural beauty – like the ultimate gothic symphony of pleasure, recommended for all that love gothic symphonic metal.

Rating single: 9/10




Check out the official premiere and the stream of the new song, below:

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