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Album Review:Suicidal Angels-Division of Blood


1. Capital Of War

2. Division Of Blood

3. Eternally To Suffer

4. Image Of The Serpent

5. Set The Cities On Fire

6. Frontgate

7. Bullet In The Chamber

8. Cold Blood Murder

9. Of Thy Shall Bring The Light

It`s 2017. Thrash revival died almost 10 years ago, but there are still many bands who are playing thrash metal. Pioneers of genre released their new albums. Suicidal Angels released their sixth album. Some of these releases are good, some of them are great,  some of them are really bad. When you hear those old bands, you can recognize them among million of others, even if you don`t know the song that you are listening in that moment. What we have here is another bad attempt of music, another immemorable release.

I listened this album few times, but still I can`t remember one single song. Maybe the worst thing about this album are vocals. They are flat and boring, without any emotion and character. The timbre of this vocal is absolutely terrible and unlistenable, and that`s the biggest problem of Nick Melissourgos.

Guitar work is really uninspired, and it sounds like they were in hurry. Riffs are always almost same and they are really tame, and that`s what makes those songs really boring. They are not catchy, there isn’t even one song which can be a potential hit. Solos are ok.

They are performed very precise, but phrases are average in the best case. Drum work is also flat, uninspiring and tame. What`s more important, the necessary groove is missing. Production is done correctly, but nothing more than that. Thrash metal should be aggressive and wild, it`s not enough to have bullet belts, chains and patch vests.

Today`s thrash metal is more about image and fashion than music, and Suicidal Angels are not an exception. Those guys should revisit the catalogues from old hard rock, NWOBHM, punk and old thrash legends, in order to learn how to write a good song.

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Rating Album:4,5/10

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