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Album review: Sapron,Sventevith,Fleur du Mal

 Cover review: Fleur du Mal

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Album review

In Flames-Battles

  1. Drained 2. The End 3. Like Sand 4. The Truth 5. In My Room 6. Before I Fall 7. Through My Eyes 8. Battles 9. Here Until Forever 10. Underneath My...

Album review

Sodom-Decision Day

1. In Retribution 2. Rolling Thunder 3. Decision Day 4. Caligula 5. Who Is God? 6. Strange Lost World 7. Vaginal Born Evil 8. Belligerence 9. Blood Lions 10...

Album review


  Legendary French progressive metal band Gorija realeased a album. This album is different for other albums, of this band. This album is interesting and...