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Album review: Sapron, Ivona Bogner


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Album review


  Legendary French progressive metal band Gorija realeased a album. This album is different for other albums, of this band. This album is interesting and...

Album review

Nordjevel- Nordjevel

Nordjevel- Nordjevel 1.The Shadows of Morbid Hunger 2.Sing for Devastation 3.Djevelen i nord 4.The Funeral Smell 5.Denne tidløse krigsdom 6.Blood Horns 7.Det...

Album review

Lacuna Coil – Delirium

Lacuna Coil – Delirium 1.The House of Shame 2.Broken Things 3.Delirium 4.Blood, Tears, Dust 5.Downfall 6.Take Me Home 7.You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate...