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If someone what’s to be a part of Demon Reports team, you must send your CV or an application on

Demon Reports magazine is based in Serbia, and we spread the news about the most important names in alternative scene, as well in rock and metal scene, all around the world with interviews, reviews, live reports, columns, news!

There are eight steps to be a part of the team, and those are:

1. Anyone who will be in the team is working as a volunteer, as well as that the site does not make any money, whoever wants to work and have a passion and love for music and creative mind can send the application to the magazine mail. We will check out your application immediately, good luck!

2. The most important thing is when you have a task to do reviews, interviews or news, you will not share it anywhere, you will get an access to music and other information when you get a task, also you can use your Watermark as an independent artist, but also the Watermark of the magazine needs to be on photos from the concert. Important note: If you share music or any kind of information that has been given to you from Demon Reports, you will no longer work in a magazine and also your work – will be deleted from the site. Demon Reports will not take any responsibility for the abuse you may have done, as you accept the terms while applying for joining the team.

3. The skills of any journalist, writing skills and interview skills must be on a high and professional level, grammatically correct, very creative and with experienced knowledge in general – about music.

4. If someone is new to a journalism and has a talent and creative mind, you can also send the application and we will review it and accept your talent and creativity, and let you work in a Demon Reports team as a good start and a working experience.

5. When you get the task you need to work on, we will contact you when the job needs to be done and the deadline for it is –  sometimes a week or sometimes in 48 hours!

6. The site administrator will review your work and tasks that have been given to you and, as well will fix the mistakes to help you, to be better in your work, to encourage you to work better!

7. All working places are available for the Journalists, Editors, Photographers, Reporters, and Reviewers!

8. Important note 2: Every post will be published on time when you finish your work, so you need to finish it on time!

Thank you good luck to you all and with the applications!

Vladimir Cincovic (Owner and Editor of Website and Magazine Demon Reports)!

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