Underground review


 Underground  review

Underground review about the unknown bands.


We support the underground metal, punk, rock scene, we want to present new metal, punk, rock bands.

Underground review

Nox Vorago-Al Chem

1. Elenu Tiamatu 2. Nuremberg 1561 3. Devourer of Dreams 4. The Hissing Sound of Ouroboros 5. Daughters of the Sun 6. The Lotus Scimitar 7. At the Feet of...

Underground review

Deadwound- Identity Shapes

British blackened hardcore sludge metal band Deadwound has recorded some really brutal and evil album. The main thing with this album, is that it has that old...

Underground review

Wolves Den- Deus Vult

  1. Via lustorum 2. Gedeih und Verderb 3. Schwarzes Firmament 4. Deus Vult 5. Grau wird Nebel 6. Dysterborn 7. Sieche 8. VobisCum 9. Mortis   German...

Underground review

Nordwitch-Mork Profeti

  1. Mørk profeti (Intro) 2. Dominion 3. Walker from the Shade 4. Lady Evil 5. The Call to an Ancient Evil 6. To Nord Gods 7. No Regret 8. Messiah of...

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