Underground review

Underground  review

Reviews about new albums of underground metal bands. Album review: Sapron, Cover review: Sapron.


We support the underground metal scene, we want to present new metal bands.

Underground review

Prisoner-See The Scars

  Hung,Drawn & Quartered Messiah Deceived Lifless Risen From The Grave The Beast In The Mirror Prisoner Something to Fear   Last year Serbian...

Underground review

Kvalvaag -Malum

  Norwegian symphonic black metal band realeased the album. This album is a black metal armaggedon, with very cool raw black metal sound, very well...

Underground review

WarFist-Metal to the Bone

  Polish blackened thrash metal band realeased the album. This album is black and thrash metal armageddon, this album is more the thrash metal album, than...

Underground review

Creinium – Hallucinosis

  1. Hallucinosis 2. Seams 3. Astral Strain 4. The Ophidian Heir 5. Vigilance 6. Passage to an Altered Portrait 7. Conscious Eclipse 8. Solarbound Colony...