Underground review


 Underground  review

Underground review about the unknown bands.


We support the underground metal, punk, rock scene, we want to present new metal, punk, rock bands.

Underground review

Creinium – Hallucinosis

  1. Hallucinosis 2. Seams 3. Astral Strain 4. The Ophidian Heir 5. Vigilance 6. Passage to an Altered Portrait 7. Conscious Eclipse 8. Solarbound Colony...

Underground review


 Jerusalem mesopotamian black thrash metal band realised the album. This album is a very unigue album, with very specific black and thrash metal sound.On this...

Underground review

Dö -Tuho

 Dö -Tuho 1.Born Under Black Wings 2.Everblast II (The Aftermath) 3.Ex Oblivione 4.Kylmä 5.Hail the Fire 6.Forsaken Be Thy Name Finnish stoner doom metal band...

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