Underground review


 Underground  review

Underground review about the unknown bands.


We support the underground metal, punk, rock scene, we want to present new metal, punk, rock bands.

Underground review

Misteyes- Creeping Time

 Misteyes- Creeping Time 1.The Last Knell (intro) 2.Creeping Time 3.Brains in a Vat 4.Inside the Golden Cage 5.Lady Loneliness 6.The Prey 7.Destroy Your Past 8...

Underground review

Manipulation – Ecstasy

 Manipulation – Ecstasy 1.Insomnia 2.Sic Itur ad Astra 3.Lifetime 4.Bad Boy 5.The Paradigm of Existence 6.Sunset over Vatican 7.Temples of Vanity 8.Burn...

Underground review

Aarsland- Gedenkstatte

  1. Der Trauersaal 2. Die Erdwürmer 3. Das Stöhnen Der Erde 4. Prolog 5. Der Steingott 6. Das Letzte Stück Russian funeral doom one-man metal band...

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