Corona Story/ Demon Corner: Dujke (Scaffold)!

During the Covid 19/Corona virus situation Demon Reports team had the idea to do the interview with artists and the bands from all over the world about this situation and global pandemic. In this interview one of our Journalist Vladimir Cincovic was having a interview with Guitarist and Vocalist Dujke of the Serbian thrash- death crushers Scaffold  about the whole Covid 19 situation, how does he sees the bands, venues and fans after this situation, what does he misses the most during this Corona virus situation, about the live streaming show trends, more exclusive details, below:


1. During the Corona virus/Covid 19 situation, what was the main thing that keep you occupied during the lock-down, did it helped in the creative way, like creating new music, songs, ideas, etc? .

”Our Covid situation was all about preparing new album, practicing new songs, getting everything done. We wanted to welcome the end ready so we did. It was really creative time. There was no space to be bored, sad or scared. Creativity is the best way to overcome difficult times.”



2. How did this situation affected you in the promotional way, since the shows are not allowed, did the social media helped in promotional way, also did this situation affected you in financial way, as well?

”Social media helped a lot. And since we are preparing the material for the new album we were very active! It helped as well with the merch so it wasn’t bad. I think that we all , the band and the fans , were refreshed with every post that we made during the Covid lock down.”


3. Do you think that the major festivals and venues, as well the other bands would easily recover from this situation and how much will take your band to recover in your own opinion?

”As I said, I didn’t waste time. There was no rest for us. The pause was not an option. Like everything in life. Make the situation works for you. Make the most of it, do what you can, whit what you have. And now, just move on with your plans. Scaffold stayed on the track. There is no universal pattern, but I see that many bands just procrastinate everything. Creativity is an endless field. No borders. Artist must stay open minded , positive and humble.”


4. How do you interact with fans during this situation, what will you do to be there for your fans, would you live stream maybe your shows, or something else that can be interesting for your fans ?

”Sure social media helped during the lock down. We were active. Live stream is a good way to keep everybody in touch, but, I think that people are very lazy noways, and I think that those lives are just another shortcut to laziness. Never say no, but to live steam the whole show, I don’t that will work for us. We are old-school. We use technology but the energy that we exchange at the concerts  are irreplaceable.”


5. What do you miss the most? Live shows or being around the people that are close to you?

”Of course, I miss live shows but also miss some dear friends from all over the region. We used to see each other often, some friends I meet only at the concerts so it is hard time for friendships but, a there is no need to be in constant togetherness but is always nice to see dear friends.”


6. Who will suffer the most are those bands, festivals, venues or fans? 

”I think the organizers. Artists have their art, fans have their music to listen, so we just have to be patient and wait. But for the organizers(behind festivals or venues…) time is everything. I think that they will have the biggest problems.”


7. Which record you choose for the isolation theme for this situation, which one fits perfectly for this situation?

”Variola Verae – Scaffold. Very topic song. You will find it on Scaffold’s new album. Song is about time of sorrow and fear in all its forms. About helplessness and the fragility of humans life. It was an extraordinary battle with virus, like we facing today , you cannot hide, you cannot see the enemy that is willing to destroy you inside out.”


8. How do you personally see this global pandemic, do you have advice for fans and the other bands – how to easily overcome this situation?

”This is not the first neither the last global pandemic in the history. Luckily we have medicine today. So it seems that it’s easier for us to stay physical safe than mentally. And this is a big problem. Too many people become unstable. My advice will be to stay focused, stay still, this too shall pass. Life goes on. The artists and the fans, both can enjoy art. Don’t be so serious about yourself s, rather be very passionate about what you do. 101 for overcome any dark hour ? Extreme music and brutal humor.”


9. What do you think of this live-streaming trend, how does this look and sound to you?

”Mind can be easily tricked  and it’s not a good thing to be narrow in any way. If you use technology, use it wise. Take control over it. That is the order, find the balance . Don’t lose that special connection between you fans and your band.”


10. Finally, do you have a message for the fans and the audience in this tough times?

”My message is – be prepared!!! Because what is coming is ”Codex Gigas”, and it will be mind blowing!”


Thank you for the interview, stay safe!

Thank you for inviting us. Stay safe and support the metal scene.




Check out the music video for the ”Die Aggression Wird Introjiziert”, here:


Check out the song “Variola Verae”, here:

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