Corona story/ Demon corner: Elio Rigonat (Kobold)!

During the Covid 19/Corona virus situation Demon Reports team had the idea to do the interview with artists and the bands from all over the world about this situation and global pandemic. In this interview one of our Journalists Vladimir Cincovic had an interview with Vocalist and Guitarist Elio Rigonat from Serbian trash metal crushers Kobold about the whole Covid 19 situation, how does he sees the bands, venues and fans after this situation, what does he misses the most during this Corona virus situation, about the live streaming show trends, below:

Fotografija Elio Rigonat.


1. During the Corona virus/Covid 19 situation, what was the main thing that keep you occupied during the lock-down, did it helped in the creative way, like creating new music, songs, ideas, etc? 

”Listening to new music, watching new movies, reading new books and generally doing all those things that require time that I usually would not appreciate doing as much.”


2. How did this situation affected you in the promotional way, since the shows are not allowed, did the social media helped in promotional way, also did this situation affected you in financial way, as well?

”Yes, the social media helped, and yes I was impacted financially quite heavily. I  lose currently numbers four figures as I work as a professional musician, apart from my bands.”


3. Do you think that the major festival and venues, as well the other bands would easily recover from this situation and how much will take your band to recover in your own opinion?

”My band? A short time. Festivals and venues? Who knows. They really got hit hard.”


4. How do you interact with fans during this situation, what will you do to be there for your fans, would you live stream maybe your shows, or something else that can be interesting for your fans ?

”I work on releasing a lot of new music that I did not have the time to record before the quarantine. Currently, I am working on releasing the third studio release in the past three months.”

Fotografija Elio Rigonat.
Photo by: Dusan Rodić


5. What do you miss the most? Live shows or being around the people that are close to you?

”Live shows. I hang with people closest to me every day.”


6. Who will suffer the most are those bands, festivals, venues or fans?

”Definitely the festivals and the venues. Bands can still make a profit online, even though it can’t compare to touring.”

Elio Rigonat (Kobold, Vicery): Imati metal bend u Srbiji je surova ...


7. Which record you choose for the isolation theme for this situation, which one fits perfectly for this situation?

”Dystopia” by Megadeth.”


8. How do you personally see this global pandemic, do you have advice for fans and the other bands – how to easily overcome this situation?

”Take this time to practice your instruments or discover new bands.”

9. What do you think of this live-streaming trend, how does this look and sound to you?
”Honestly, it’s like jacking your dick off over your jeans.”


10. Finally, do you have a message for the fans and the audience in this tough times?

”Stay sane, and don’t share dumb shit online, even if it is presented as “alternative news”, because it is still someone else’s agenda served to you. It is your bias that determines if it’s true or false. Take care.”


Thank you for the interview, stay safe!

”Thank you for contacting me!”

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Cover photo for the interview: Luka Radojevic


Check out the music video of Kobold for the “Deus Ex”, here:

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