Corona Story/ Demon Corner: Nikolaj Ross & Nikolaj Madsen (Justify Rebellion)!

During the Covid 19/Corona virus situation Demon Reports  had the idea to do the interview with artists and the bands from all over the world. In this interview one of our Journalists Vladimir Cincovic had an interview with  Lead Guitarist Nikolaj Ross and  Drummer Nikolaj Madsen from the Danish thrash/heavy metal titans Justify Rebellion  about the whole Covid 19 situation, how they see the bands, venues and fans after this situation, what they missed the most during this Corona virus situation, about the live streaming show trends, below:

1. During the Corona virus/Covid 19 situation, what was the main thing that keep you occupied during the lock-down, did it helped in the creative way, like creating new music, songs, ideas, etc?


Nikolaj Ross:  ”Hey there! We are Justify Rebellion, a gang of rebellious heavy metal guys and gosh are we tired of this corona situation… Anyways, until we knew how bad the situation would get, we wouldn’t meet in the Justify Rebellion HQ, before things were getting better. In the recent couple of weeks, this corona situation has definitely helped us create new music, since we now have the time to look at new riffs and ideas, that we wouldn’t normally have as much time looking at, cause of all of the gigs we were preparing to play. As for topics for the next album, there probably will be a song that somehow resembles something with the world situation as it is now. So yeah, the situation has helped us get creative, somehow.”


2. How did this situation affected you in the promotional way, since the shows are not allowed, did the social media helped in promotional way, also did this situation affected you in financial way, as well?


Nikolaj Madsen: ”When the outbreak broke out we were just about to play our greatest show yet. The greatly anticipated release concert for our second and newest album ‘The Ends Justify The Means’. That we’ll have to wait with for now. One thing is sure: we WILL be playing the release concert as it was intended. People will just have to wait until its safe to go to concerts. So it was a big problem for us. We’ve just released the album, but no one would go to our concert to hear it live. So what did se do? We made a live Facebook concert, playing 5 songs, mainly from the new album, that people at home could then be streaming. We always want to be active on the social medias. The situation hasn’t affected the rebellion financially besides that we can’t make any money playing concerts at the moment. We’ll get there again eventually.”


3. Do you think that the major festival and venues, as well the other bands would easily recover from this situation and how much will take your band to recover in your own opinion?


Nikolaj Ross: ”There’s obviously a lot going on for the festivals and venues right now. Not concert wise but planning wise. They’ll have to accept a great loss of money for a lot of refunded concert tickets and such. We just hope that they will recover in the best way possible. Not many bands will have an easy time recovering from this boredom of be sitting at home, not being able to play concert for the best fans in the world. It’s a tough life…”


4. How do you interact with fans during this situation, what will you do to be there for your fans, would you live stream maybe your shows, or something else that can be interesting for your fans ?


Nikolaj Madsen: ”Like we described in question 2, we’ve done our own Facebook live-stream concert for our fans as a gift to them to show them how much we appreciate them. On top of that our record label have been doing the worlds first 2 day rock/metal live stream festival, which we are super glad to have been a part of. That’s making history, right there. Besides from that we have been driving all around Zealand in Denmark with merch, CD’s and vinyls for our fans, when the album came out. As we’ve said before: we have the best fans in the world. What a great community of rebels to support our asses in these times. Thanks a lot!”



5. What do you miss the most? Live shows or being around the people that are close to you?

Nikolaj Ross: ”While we are already around our closest friends and families, we really miss playing a lot of concerts around the country. We miss seeing the joy in our fans faces while they scream their lungs out to our songs.”

6. Who will suffer the most are those bands, festivals, venues or fans?


Nikolaj Madsen:”The focus must be on the recovery of these bands, festivals, venues and of course the fans. Not on which group suffers the most. We all suffer, and we’ll all have to get through this together.”


7. Which record you choose for the isolation theme for this situation, which one fits perfectly for this situation?


Nikolaj Ross: ”The most fitting records for this situation is being written in this moment, we are sure. There will probably be whole albums centered around the pandemic, as if there was nothing else in this world to write songs about. While this virus get so much media coverage, people tend to forget, that the world is still full of other problems such as hunger, war and death in other instances that sickness. It’s a mad world.”


8. How do you personally see this global pandemic, do you have advice for fans and the other bands – how to easily overcome this situation?


Nikolaj Madsen : ”To easily overcome this situation one will have to dive in to a lot of old records, enjoy them, examine them and let them fill you with inspiration. There will be a boom of new music as soon as this crisis is over. It’s time to dig into some old stuff, while we wait for the new stuff.”


9. What do you think of this live-streaming trend, how does this look and sound to you?


Nikolaj Ross: ”The live streaming trend is some of what keeps the music alive in these times. It’s the perfect media to get to your fans without them getting to you, standing nearby a lot of other people, risking their health.”

Justify Rebellion: Unplugged (Hifi Klubben Slagelse - June 27, 2020) - YouTube


10. Finally, do you have a message for the fans and the audience in this tough times?


Nikolaj Ross and Nikolaj Madsen: ”Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, dear rebels. We’ll see you on the other side. Justify Rebellion”

Thank you for the interview, stay safe!




Check out the official music video  for the ” Salvation”, here:

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