Corona Story/ Demon Corner: Oscar Souto (Anonymus)!

During the Covid 19/Corona virus situation Demon Reports  had the idea to do the interview with artists and the bands from all over the world. In this interview one of our Journalists Vladimir Cincovic had an interview with Vocalist and Bassist Oscar Souto from the Canadian thrash metal lords Anonymus  about the whole Covid 19 situation, how he sees the bands, venues and fans after this situation, what he misses the most during this Corona virus situation, about the live streaming show trends, below:

Fotografija Anonymus.


1. During the Corona virus/Covid 19 situation, what was the main thing that keep you occupied during the lockdown, did it helped in the creative way, like creating new music, songs, ideas, etc?

”Well the first two weeks were ok. Everything was closed and in our busy world it seemed like some sort of a time off. But then after that it turned out as a two months locked inside at home, so you begin to think that this is going to last forever and you keep thinking about it, and it can become very frightful. Yes it’s cool to have free time to do whatever you want, but being locked down in your home without seeing anyone can be very damaging for your psychological state. So yes I tried to write new music to keep the focus and keep things going. That helped me a lot to go through this pandemic reclusion.”


2. How did this situation affected you in the promotional way, since the shows are not allowed, did the social media helped in promotional way, also did this situation affected you in financial way, as well?


”We were scheduled to put out our twelfth album called “La Bestia” as a vinyl and CD right when this Covid-19 started. So we had to put a hold on everything. But after thinking about it, we decided, as a band, to only release the album in digital format. I mean we had interviews already scheduled, and our marketing plan was done, so we kept everything as it was. Now it’s all for the best. A lot of interviews and promotion going on, and also a lot of good comments from our new album, so it’s very satisfying for us. So I think we took a great decision on keeping things how they were planned. But for the financial aspect, having shows cancelled, we have to keep everything on a tight budget for now.”


3. Do you think that the major festival and venues, as well the other bands would easily recover from this situation and how much will take your band to recover in your own opinion?

”Honestly I don’t think that this will help anybody in the music scene. Yes big bands and venues are going to survive this pandemic, but on the other hand, smaller bands, who we’re just barely making a living, in this hard business, I don’t think that they will get through this. I mean, it is very difficult to make a living for bands when things were going well for everybody, now without concerts, there are a lot of bands who will just stop and do other things to survive. It’s very sad but that’s our new reality I think. For us, things are not so bad, beside the band’s business we have outside jobs and businesses, so the band is not our only income.”


4. How do you interact with fans during this situation, what will you do to be there for your fans, would you live stream maybe your shows, or something else that can be interesting for your fans?

”Well yes! Internet is there to help us out and to communicate with our fans so we take advantage of the social platforms. We keep in touch by adding new posts on what’s going on with the band and our future projects. We answer all the emails we have from them. The band keeps on releasing promotional items for our new album, so yes we don’t have concerts for now, but the machine is still working hard.”

Anonymus - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives


5. What do you miss the most? Live shows or being around the people that are close to you?


”Both! I miss hugging my mom and the rest of my family (my dad too, but he lives far away from me, Barcelona) even though we see each other with a distance. I miss being around with friends and enjoying a drink and a meal without having this social distancing thing and being scared of getting infected by someone. But yeah I miss doing concerts, playing live in front of our fans. For us, it’s very important the human proximity with our fans. We like to have a talk with them before and after the concerts, just taking a few minutes to take a picture with them is something that I miss a lot.”


6. Who will suffer the most are those bands, festivals, venues or fans?

”Everybody is going to have a hard time with this. But I think popular bands and big festivals will go through this because they have money aside, well hopefully. Smaller bands, living on the edge financially will have a hard time with this. So as a fan, we have to encourage the bands that we love by giving them a lot of support!”


7. Which record you choose for the isolation theme for this situation, which one fits perfectly for this situation?

”I didn’t have to choose albums to get through this isolation. I tried to write new music. My brother brought the new Sepultura album, entitled ”Quadra”! Wow! What an album!! Sorry for the nostalgic people who believes that Sepultura stopped with the Roots album, but I have to say that this last album is a very strong album, and I haven’t stop listening to it since I got it!”


8. How do you personally see this global pandemic, do you have advice for fans and the other bands – how to easily overcome this situation?

”Just follow the advice of the medical community. Keep your distance, put on your mask when you go on public, wash your hands, and for Christ sake, please, don’t think that this is a thing to control people or some kind of conspiracy. I don’t see how it can be a good thing for the government and a country’s economy. Everything is closed, economy is paralyzed, we close borders, a lot of industries will not survive this. How can someone think that this is a way to control people. Stop watching movies!! If everybody is doing is best to avoid the virus it will help, but if half of the population just don’t care about it, we will have to go through a second wave of infections.”


9. What do you think of this live-streaming trend, how does this look and sound to you?

”Well it’s a way to keep things going and to get exposure, and also a way to keep in touch with your fans. It’s really not a live concert as we are used to, but if it’s the only things we have for the next following weeks, we’ll will work out a way to do one. For me personally, it’s not the best, because we miss the crowd’s energy, but if it’s the only way to reach our audience, we will work harder than ever and do it the best way we can!”

Canadian Thrash Legends ANONYMUS Full Stream of First Spanish ...


10. Finally, do you have a message for the fans and the audience in this tough times?

”Keep on encouraging your favorites bands, they all need you more than ever! But foremost, be careful in this pandemic time. Keep your distance, wear your mask in public and wash your hands! We want to see you when everything will be back to normal life! Keep on rocking and raise those evil horns! Thanks!”




Check out the official music video for the “Décrisse”, here:

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