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Mike Trubetskov

In this first series of interviews for Exploring the music with Demon at Demon Reports magazineVlad and Mish sat down with Melbourne soloist The Overcoming Project that is a deeply personal endeavor about Dr. Mike Trubetskov’s journey navigating immigration, a Doctorate degree, Type I Diabetes and discovering his passion for metal music production. We sat down with Dr. Trubetskov, the man behind this psychedelic metal machine, to talk about his favorite records and bands, influences and inspirations – that made him make his step towards music and to begin his music journey.

Check out Mike’s personal list – with exclusive details, below:

Asked about his favorite bands, the bands that need to be checked out and which songs influenced his work asked by Mish and Vlad, Mike answered: 


1.Meshuggah – Future Breed Machine

”The way the tension builds in the song is just unprecedented. It’s heavy, incredibly enrapturing in terms of atmosphere, and more melodic than some other Meshuggah tracks, yet having all distinct Meshuggah sound to it.”

2.Killswitch Engage – This Fire


”Although simpler, this KSE track hits hard as the song is about one’s true passion and it really resonates with the listener. Very cool palm-muted riffs and amazing melodies in here.”


3.Fear Factory – Archetype


”Fear Factory albums attract different fans. Some love Demanufacture more than anything, some prefer Digimortal, and others absolutely hate it. It’s a very polarizing band, and I think that’s a beautiful thing as FF has always done their own thing and never tried to please anyone. ”Archetype” to me is a mind-blowing track full of heavy moments and a gorgeous melody that uplifts one’s spirits.”

4.Egor and the F*cked ups – Clay Will Teach 



”Now probably not many of you in the Western community know of Egor Letov. Hidden under the falling curtains of Soviet Union, Egor was the true king of Russian Punk, Post-Punk and Psychedelic Revolution (which happened in the 60s in the West, and at the end of 80s in USSR, ironically). This song from Egor’s spin-off psychedelic project makes little sense lyrically, although feels very mystical and personal to Egor. It creates an enormous tension and pierces with mystical sadness which resolves and uplifts. An incredibly rare trait in music and incredible beauty.”


5.Civil Defense – A Proud Word in a Cooled Ash


”Egor Letov’s main band and project, Civil Defense. The only Psychedelic Post-Punk in Russia, and one of the rarest in the world. It’s difficult to pick one song as most are interconnected and tell the full story together. This song also resonates with me as a story of formidable and almost impossible search for passion and motivation in the music world.”

Top 5 up and coming bands everyone should check out:


1.Into the Vein (Modern Metal)


”Incredible polyrhythmic and unique atmosphere, this band will conquer the metalcore world fast.”



2.The Archanan (Instrumental Modern Metal) 



”Modern Metal meets classical music. The progression and complexity is outstanding, yet the ease of getting into the songs is what should make everyone get into The Archanan.”


3.Yeah, Sick! (Hardcore)



”A comedy side project by Frosty from Fall and Resist, Yeah, Sick! go far beyond just having fun. Fantastic, technical drumming and raw yet modern sound give a very fresh perspective on hardcore music.”


4.Beast Impalor (Fantasy Metal)



”Unique Beast Impalor represent the Australian Fantasy Metal amazingly well with their unforgettable appearance and live show, as well as killer arrangements for the progressive riffs.”


5.Gladiolus (Modern Progressive Rock)



”If you like Karnivool, then you’ll absolutely adore Gladiolus. The most modern, honest take on prog metal with incredible musicianship and sincere singing, these guys have just started their journey and will have so much to offer soon.”

Vlad asked Mike about his favorite musicians and few of their songs, he replied:

”Too many to name! But here are the main ones.”

Modern Bands:


1.Killswitch Engage (This Fire)



2.Meshuggah (Future Breed Machine)



3.Mnemic (Liquid), Textures


4.Arkaea (World As One)


5.Fear Factory (Archetype, Freedom Of Fire)


6.Decapitated (Blood Mantra, Post(?)Organic)




7.Chimaira (Save Ourselves)

8.Lamb Of God (Descending, Break You)



Classic Bands:

1.Rammstein (Reise, Reise, Morgenstern, Zwitter)


2.Muse (Citizen Erased, Showbiz)


3.Opeth (Heir Apparent, Deliverance)

4.In Flames (Square Nothing)


5.Faith No More (Cuckoo for Caca)


6.Woods Of Ypres (Career Suicide)


7.Dimmu Borgir (Ritualist)



1.Joe Satriani (Surfing With The Alien)


2.Tony Macalpine (Wheel Of Fortune)


3.Vinnie Moore (The Tempest)


4.Paul Gilbert (Technical Difficulties, The Drill Song)


Vlad asked Mike about prog metal bands that are iconic in his opinion, also about the ones that present the best from the genre – he explained:



1.Dream Theater – Lifting Shadows Off a Dream; Voices; Metropolis Pt I

”One loves or hates Dream Theater and they have so many different eras of their sound. Yet I think that DT made absolutely ingenious creations – that shaped the genre and inspired modern music as a whole!”


2.Animals as Leaders – An Infinite Regression


”Top of the tree for instrumental prog music, intense, melodic, interesting.”


3.Threshold – A Tension of Souls; Critical Mass; Echoes Of Life

”A somewhat less known progressive metal band from UK, Threshold always captured me with amazing memorable melodies, fantastic singing and sophisticated yet easily digestible prog arrangements. Very musical and inspiring band!”


4.Reliqa – I Don’t Know Who I Am



”A modern up-and-coming Australian band, Reliqa is absolutely stunning with their combination of prog and modern metal, complex song structures, fantastic singing and a delivery that pushes the boundaries of modern music.”

Vlad asked Mike about his choice of most interesting songs in 2022, he stated:


”I am starting to dive into cutting-edge modern music. I’ve been listening to ERRA, Currents, Wage War, Darko US, Emmure, Architects, Make Them Suffer, Northlane – and enjoying this new take on heavy music heaps!”





Interview done by Misha Sharma and Vladimir Vlad Cincovic.


Check out the new music video for “Determination”, below:

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