Atrium Noctis

Band members:

Keybord: Hydra Gorgonia
Guitar: Sturm
Guitar: Rhadamanthys
Guitar: Thyratus
Drums: Nemrod
Screams: Hein
Female Vocals: Kalliope

Hometown: Cologne/Germany

Genre: Epic Black-Pagan Metal


1.How the band started?

I heard Mourning Palace by Dimmu Borgir and the desire to found a symphonic black metal band became powerful. So I started of without band members, without a rehearsal room, without proper equipment and without any knowledge about the scene whatever or how to write songs in this genre.

2.Which band is your role model?

There is no certain band, it’s more composition techniques and styling of classical composers such as Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Reich. Beethoven is also where my preference, to write in C minor came from.

3.What do you think about today’s metal scene?

The scene is scattering itself more and more into new appearing styles. In my eyes, these categorizations also just adds a lot of intolerance within the scene and limits the original freedom of thought.

4.How would you describe in one sentence your work?

Musically authentic, serious and multi-faceted.

5.Why did you decide to play this musical direction?

We just find this type of music interesting and enjoy playing it.

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6.Where would you most like to play a concert?


7.Do you think that the metal festivals are enough visited?

The big festivals are visited very well, but the smaller festivals kind of make themselves competitive and are often not really visited by newcomer bands.

8.What are you listening to the most right now?

Two steps from Hell, Satyricon und Helldozers.

9.What would you say to your fans?

Share and multiply!

10.What are your plans for the future?

To release the 4th CD, play gigs, film a new professional video, new merchandise and increase the fame of the band.

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