ONE ON ONE WITH DEMON: D.D. Verni (Overkill)

Interview with Bassist and Songwriter D.D. Verni from Overkill about his new upcoming solo album “Barricade” and how he sees music in general, all the interview can be read, below:

1. Tell me about your solo album “Barricade”, and from your perspective how does it sound?

I am very happy with how it came out. Zeuss did an amazing job on the mix. and the mix of metal punk and rock on the album, I think makes the whole thing kind of new and interesting.

2. What made you decide to play music, and to start a band?

KISS!! That was it when I was a kid and I saw and heard Kiss, all I could think was that’s what I want to be able to do one day.

Резултат слика за D.D Verni

3.Which song from your solo album is your favorite one, and why?

Right now it’s ”Night of the Swamp King”. We just did a video for that that is kind of a mini horror movie and it was awesome to do!

4. Where do you get an inspiration to create music, and the lyrics?

All kinds of things. a lot of times from a new album, sometimes a movie or book all kinds of things.. I am always buying new records and there are so many great things out there that when you hear it I wanna just run into the studio and get going.

Сродна слика

5. What do you think about today’s music as general and the metal scene, and how the music industry is affecting the metal scene as well?

Well luckily with Metal all the digital world and stuff has not completely killed it. Metal fans still like to have the product, actual CD’s. Many people still will buy them, not like the old days, but still, some do. and metal fans always come out to shows, as they always have.

6. What’s the most important thing in creating an album, is it lyrics, riffs, solos in your opinion?

I’m a metal guy so it’s always the riff. But the difference in a good song and the great ones are the combinations of all three. If you can have a great lyric melody and a killer solo and a huge riff….well that the best isn’t it.

7. Are you satisfied with special guests on your solo release, and how do you feel about working with them?

Oh hell yeah! The guys killed it. All the player on the record just did an amazing job, so thankful to them for sending over their stuff.

8. In your opinion are the name and the artwork of the band, one of the most important things, that present’s the band to the crowd or is it just music or all of it?

Well, I suppose different for all people, but me yes. I love that part of doing a record, the art the photos they layout…all that is still a creative process. Just an extension of the songs really….when they both fit together is when it really is special.

9. What advice would you give to the younger bands, that need more experience?

Work Hard. Don’t know that I can give more advice than that. No one is gonna give you your dream, you have to work at it………

10. Do you have a message for your fans?

Hopefully, see you fuckers out on the road!!!

Check out a lyric video for the song “Fire Up”  here, enjoy it:

Check out the official music and lyric video here, enjoy it:



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