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In this interview with Vocalist Rafferlla Rivarolo (Cadaveria Herself) from the Italian extreme metal masters Cadaveria and ex-Vocalist and Keyboardist of Italian symphonic black metal force Opera IX – one of the journalist from Demon Reports magazine Vladimir Cincovic conducted an interview about her comeback on the music scene, her health issues, about her personal approach to music, also about charity activities that Raffaella is involved in, check out more exclusive details, below:



1.After three years you are back, what happened in the mean time – since you stopped creating music? You had some health issues and did this issues affected you and your band to create music, too?


”In January 2018, after a no stop period made of releases, reprints and concerts, I had decided to take a short break to find new limph for CADAVERIA music. The break was longer ’cause in May 2018 I discovered I got breast cancer. The situation was critical and the healing period lasted over 14 months. Sure I got new inspiration for my music and lyrics from this experience. My healing process was physical and spiritual. The singles we released from October 2020 on, and especially ”Matryoshcada” and ”Shamanic Path”, deal with my illness and my rebirth.”


2.Recently released music video and song “Shamanic Path”, has the interesting background story. What inspired you to create it? Did you got inspired by some personal experience or is it something else?


”In February 2020, just before the pandemic, I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil and to spend five days with Kariri-Xocò indigenous tribe, in the sacred area where they’re building a cultural center. I ate with them, I danced with them around the fire, I cooked with them, I got some healing rituals from them. I was so lucky and so honored to live something interesting and very intense, spiritually speaking. Shamanic Path song is about all this.”


3.How do you feel about still current Covid 19 pandemic, what are your thoughts about it, what are your plans after pandemic – will you go on a tour?

”I live in my bubble made of music and nature. I live in the countryside so I have always gone out for a walk in the woods and this has recharged me a lot. We celebrate 20 years of the band CADAVERIA with a series of singles that sooner or later will merge into a physical EP or an album. We are preparing more surprises for the beginning of 2022, but there is still no talk of returning to play live.”



4.Since your released five singles so far with the band and you website stated ““All CADAVERIA’s new songs will be released, on a quite regular basis, in the form of singles, as they are recorded and mixed.”, will you maybe consider releasing a new record this year or in the nearest future?

”Yes, soon or later there will be an album, but not this year.”

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5.As a Vocalist and artist, how does your music reflects you personal thoughts, or you are just creating it by some other experiences, since you showed in ”Matryoshcada Native Ceremony”, your personal approach to your music?

”Everything I have created perfectly reflects who I am or who I have been. There is no point in interpreting other people’s things if you find so much inspiration within yourself. CADAVERIA music is so authentic, unique and personal, precisely because it comes from our souls and does not follow any trends.”


6. In 2019 your shared through out social media – like Facebook – your recovery story regarding cancer. How did it felt to return to your friends and audience, what were the reactions from them after they heard this positive news, back then and also how did you feel about the support from them?

”I have always had a sincere relationship with my audience. Sharing of the disease was therapeutic. I found great support from the fans, in fact I thanked them publicly by dedicating ”Matryoshcada” to them, as you can read at the end of the music video for this song”


7. Pier Gonella (Lybutirh, MasterCastle, Necrodeath) recorded some guitar parts in the song “Return”, he is also your producer for your band, how did it came to this collaboration once again? Will the collaboration continue in the future or nearest future?

”The current line-up of CADAVERIA band does not include any guitarist. It’s me, Marcelo the drummer and co-founder and bassist Peter Dayton. Marcelo and I take care of the band at 360 degrees, including all visual, conceptual and promotional aspects. There are some guitarists who are collaborating with us which are Frank Booth, Kris Laurent and Pier Gonella, whom I thank very much. For now, that’s the way it is, then we’ll see.”


8.How did you felt after the operation and therapy in 2019? How did you life looked and how did you feel emotionally in that period, which mindset did you had back them? Did you think that you could every sing and growl again and also do other activities, that not include music in regular life?

”Even though I am still under close observation and the doctors do not pronounce on the final recovery, I feel very good and I can face a stage and sing even better than before, as evidenced by the singles we have released so far. I exercise regularly and feel fit. Clearly there is the emotional aspect that is not easy to manage, as my body has changed forever and every now and then I still find it a little hard to accept myself. but cancer taught me to let go of the past and live in the present.”


9.Would you consider maybe to get into the charity activities, to help the others – that go through the same experience as you and also other health problems?

”I am already doing it. For over a year I have been creating top tanks that I sell on the site through social media and I donate the proceeds to research for the treatment of cancer, in particular to the research institute in Turin where I was treated. I also privately support a number of women who have contacted me because they are experiencing the same drama. I feel very moved towards my neighbor in general towards nature and animals. I have been vegan for over 5 years. I recently lost my dog, a special friend, and I am volunteering in a kennel. I have just adopted another dog, a 4 year old female, with behavioral problems due to what she had to go through from her previous owner.”


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10.Do you have the message to your fans and audience in this hard times?

”Take care of yourself and listen to CADAVERIA! Here’s the link with all our recent stuff

Thank you very much!”









Check out the recently released official music video for the “Shamanic path”, below:


Check out the official music video for the ”Matryoshcada (Native Ceremony), below:


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