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Metal Twilight Zone in it’s full element!

Sunless Sky/Pokerface/Frantic Amber

Nis,Black Stage/Serbia


Sunless Sky, Pokerface and Frantic Amber held an a amazing concert at Black Stage Club, that will surely stay in the mind of the crowd, that was on this concert in a very positive way. I can say, that the bands rocked the stage, had fun, and they presented something that was, so amazing and great, that nobody in a crowd, didn’t stayed imune to it. Bands got on the stage in the time, and the madness began.

The first support act was American Power metal band Sunless Sky. This guys  are very energetic, loud, play some badass music, that the crowd on the concert, enjoyed fully in every possible way. They promoted thier new album ”Doppleganger”, that was released in April 7th, on the show, and they begin their show with a title track ”Starfall” from their new release. Their show was energetic, it was like full metal punch in your face, raw, kickass in metal style. The singer Juan Ricardo was all over the place, jumping, screaming, the guy was so furious and interesting, his performance made thier show better.


With a combination of thrash and power vocals and progressive sections, this band is unigue and special. They showed with this musical style at thier show, that they are amazing band, and that are having fun playing music, it can be seen on thier faces, that they enjoyed it, very much. For the end of the show, the band performed two old songs  ”Firebreather” and ”Death Machine”, and they got off the stage. After the show the band hung out with the fans, they were also in the crowd supporting the other two bands with the fans.

After the show the guitarist Kevin Czarnecki stated this about the show and the hole atmosphere:”We are on the tour  almost a month, we passed a lot of countries, but we were never greeted like this, like here! It was an honor and pleasure to play here, we had a blast. “. The show went on, and the madness can continue.


Next second band to perform was Russian Death/Trash metal band Pokerface. In their own style, Pokerface demonstrated the power of thier music, the sound on their show, was very strong, which made the expirience for the crowd on the concert better. The band got on the stage, and the first song that they played was ”Kingdom of Hate” from thier album Divide and Rule”. Vocalist Alexandra (Lady Owl), was full of energy, like on every show, she was jumping all over the place, she supported the crowd to go crazy, and they were crazy as hell, they really, have fun on their show.


Band also played the song ”Game On” from their latest album with the same title, they played also the songs ”Straight Flush”and”Play or Die”. Pokerface played two amazing covers ”You Will Know My Name” from Swedish Melodic death legends Arch Enemy, the cover was so good in their version, Alexandra brought something different to it, a new fierce energy, that in my opinion original needs to have, amazing crushing cover. The next one was the cover of ”Ace Of Spades” by mighty Motorhead, they play this song on every show, and they are better in playing it, I find interesting the Alexandra’s vocal for this song, female vocal for this song, is something fresh and new to this song, it gave’s it total new dimension to the song, her clean vocals are great, as her growls. Their new lead guitarist Xen, was amazing, she entertained the crowd, with her positive atitude, and she rocked the stage. The band left the stage in a fierce and powerful way, the crowd was screaming and very satisfied.


The time has come, for the headliners Internacional Melodic Death metal band Frantic Amber from Sweden, to play a show. Crowd was very exicited about the show. The first song that the band played was ”Burning Insight” from their latest release that has the same name as the song, from 2015. Before this song, the band began the show with a melodic intro, and than, the explosion happen, the crowd didn’t now what hit them. With melodic music and crushing riffs, band gave the crowd, a hellish ride, atmosphere on their show, was very positive and special.

Vocalist Elizabeth Andrews  demostrated that her vocals, are not from this world, she was so into her act on the stage, that she had a smile on the face all the time, also she fully entertained the crowd, with their new member and guitarist Milla Olsson, which joined the band, at the end of February. 

The setlist contained all over the song from their latest release ”Burning Insight”. The last song, that band played was ”Wrath of Judgement” from their first EP called the same as the song. For the encore song the band played a cover from Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse for the  ”Hammer Smashed Face”, the vocalist Elizabeth performed this song in a awesome way. CorpseGrinder would be very proud of this cover, and female growls as well, she took the song to a next level.  The band left, the stage and they where hanging out with the crowd and fans after the show.

I can say about the hole show that is was something unique and special. The positive energy, freandly crowd, musicians supporting other bands on the stage, the connection with the fans, all of this was a amazing experience, and the crowd and fans would remember it for a log time. The hole atmosphere was just magical, everyone was like one big Metal family, everyone on the concert with the bands themself’s, have a great time, and enjoyed every minute of it. This was the night of pure metal destruction.

Rating Concert: 10/10

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