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From the might of melodic death metal, we will rise!

Jinjer/Arch Enemy

”Dom Omladine Belgrade/Serbia”


Ukrainian groove metalcore band Jinjer and Swedish melodic death metal masters Arch Enemy held a concert for the first time at Dom Omladine in Belgrade on September 18th. I can say about the show, it was a demonstration of melodic technical virtuosity, both bands showed with their energy on the stage, what it means to play a perfect show.

While approaching the hall, there were many fans waiting to get in the hall. They were so excited and happy to be there, with those magical smiles on their faces, especially the female fans of the both bands. The time passed bye, the fans were waiting for bands to start playing and time has come for the first band to start playing.

The first band to play was Ukrainian groove metalcore band Jinjer that began the show in 20:30h right on time. They started the show with the song ”Who Is Gonna Be The One?”, the crowd was very happy to see them, and the audience were in big numbers at their show, the ovations started for the begging to the end of show. Then they played  ”Words Of Wisdom”, ”Sit Stay Roll Over”, ”I Speak Astronomy” and many more.

Vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk showed her amazing energy and vocals to the audience, her brutal and crushing vocals are quite unique and made the atmosphere powerful and the audience was in trance. The best reactions were to their songs ”Pisces”  and ”Another”.

The vocalist Tatiana was all over the stage, she had that fierce energy the hole time, she also showed that her clean vocals are amazing as growls as well. Audience enjoy every part of the show, watching the vocalist of the band without blinking. Last song that band played was ”Bad Water” and then the band left the stage and fans were screaming that they want more,but that was it and it was time for swedish legends to rock the stage.

Arch Enemy is well known as a band that has given so much to metal music, one of the most important metal bands today. This band was at the begging a force of destruction and with their former vocalist Angele Gossow they made a mark in metal history presenting the female vocalist that can do a mans job while growling. Today it’s the same thing with Alissa White-Gluz ,it’s different, but it’s a new fresh change, whether you like it or not. She brought something unique and different in band and presented her influence on the show as well and it was quite a good one, she rock the stage in every possible way. The band recorded two albums with Alissa ”War Eternal” and ”Will to Power” both of albums got positive reactions.

The band started the show with the song ”The World Is Yours” from the new album ”Will To Power” and the ovations from started, they were screaming in trance with continuity, they were one with the band, which made the atmosphere amazing and magical. Alissa demonstrated that her vocals are amazing live as well in studio and the songs, she was all over the place, with headbanging like crazy and she had an interesting corregraphy while dancing and screaming, it was so explosive. Most of the fans say Angele was better, she was great, this can not be denied, but Alissa gave the band hole new mark and shine, it’s not the same Arch Enemy as before, it’s a new on, that the new fans and the old ones can enjoy together equally. They played many songs, and one  of them  was ”The Eagle Flies Alone”, even if the song was the new one, the fans known the lyrics of the song, they were screaming the words all the way through out the hole song. They also played after this song, many more songs like ”War Eternal”, ”Stolen Life”, ”As The Pages Burn”, ”Avalanche” from the album ”War Eternal”. After that, they played older songs for the Angele era like ”Ravenous”, ”My Apocalypse”  and ”We Will Rise”.

In some moment during the show, Alissa asked the audience which fans were on their previous shows and which ones were for the first time and to raise their hands, many of the raised hands that they were the first time on their show, Alissa was so happy with it, and the band was also satisfied that they played for the first time for the crowd, who sees them for the first time.

The sound and the songs from the band sounded the same live as on the record, for some fans that was a bad think, for some were not, it’s  literally a subjective feeling, to me it’s was great in both many ways, they did their job, the show was great.

The technical virtuosity of Michael Amott and  Jeff Loomis was not of this world, this two presented some wicked kickass guitar playing, with a rhythm section of Daniela Erlandsson and Sharlee D’Angelo it was a journey trough a another dimension, and solos were a gateway to that dimension.

The show was ending, and the band played the last song ”Nemesis” and the most famous one from them, the fans went crazy, and they left the stage, some fans were satisfied, some were not, but the point is that the band left the impression on both sides.

After the show the band was in a friendly mood to take some pictures and to chat with their fans and before that shaking hands with their fans. Arch Enemy showed why they are one of the best metal bands in the world, with melodic death metal mayhem that made an earthquake in the hall, this day will be remembered as a melodic metal salvation.

Rating Concert: 8,5/10

Live report: SAPRON

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