Aetherial premieres the new official music video for the “Indifference to Suffering”, conquer the bad emotions by indifference to suffering!

Melbourne Death metal outfit Aetherial premieres the new official music video for the “Indifference to Sufferning” which is taken from their new sophomore record ” Nameless Horrors”.


Aetherial is back! They are back with some guttural brutal stuff – that is totally wicked and evil in every possible way.  This song has some crushing riffs, devastating/ hard or tough drum sets,  distinguish catchy melodies and of course monster vocals by Shep – presented in such brutal and glorious manner. The song starts with some dark atmospheric sounds and tone, continuing with the death metal brutality till the end, that no one will be indifferent to.


Harmonizing drums, balanced riffs and coordinated vocals – showed that the band presented once again like in the previous video, that the true brutal death metal essence is here, but with some black metal elements, which makes this song even more sinister and destructive than it already is. Grim lyrics of this song are about being empty inside, not feeling anything – there is only complete darkness, that even the pain can’t move it.


Of course, this lyrics are philosophical – also this lyrics are about facing the problems within you and to be vengeful, to never forget the cause of the suffering, but to embrace it and be indifferent by the suffering – so that you can crush the pain within and be a stronger wicked version of yourself. The guys did just a fantastic job presenting this dark emotions in the video, as well in the song itself.


The video itself is once again similar to the previous one and the accent is put on Shep and his demonstration of the wicked and dark emotions of their work – with some coordinated brutal vocals, that have just that perfect growl balance in every part of the song – staying in the tone all of the time, not out of it. The video followed the story once more, but this time in the wilderness, so that the main message is to look deep inside you and face the demons in a natural way – by yourself, so of course the band did present in the awesome way with the landscape the whole point and the story of the song and they for presented it like it is – with the great passion that they bring out to their music, which is just  rare this days, they surely showed it – this dark divine way. This is a death metal brutal anthem that the fans of this band and audience must hear.

Feel the brutality inside you, awake your death metal god by the brutality of death metal sounds.


The record is a collection of bewitching stories as experienced by the song writing duo, Shep Sheppard and Cassandra George.


Bassist Casandra George states this about the new music video/song:

“It’s a reflection of our lives, events and observations that we’ve encountered over the past few years. It recounts journeys of loss and despair, truth seeking and a quest for answers in places most fear to look. The songs also offer a message of hope, that there is always a dawn to even the darkest night.

Though conjuring horrific imagery, the song is actually about getting to the root of your problems, no mater how hard it is and to deal with them and then free yourself from their weight. You can’t simply just dismiss or burden someone else with them, their power will remain. It’s also important to never forget who and what caused them.”


The 8 track album was recorded by Aetherial in Melbourne, Australia then mixed in Canada by Asher Ally and finally, mastered by Ermin Hamodovic from Systematic Productions. ”Nameless Horrors” is available in digital format from all good online retailers and a limited run of CD’s is available from the band’s website. Also streaming on Youtube and Spotify.

The video for the latest song was again shot and produced by Aetherial under the current restrictions in Melbourne.





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Check out the official premiere of the “Indifference to Suffering”, here:

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