…And Oceans official music video for the song “Five of Swords” is unleashed!

”Cosmic World Mother”, the upcoming …And Oceans‘ full-length effort, is just one month away from the official release via Season Of Mist Records. Six-piece from Finland released a Kevin Åkerlund-filmed official video for the song “Five Of Swords”.


Vocalist Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns states:

“Five Of Swords” is a personal favorite of the album. An old-school ‘…And Oceans’ song made to fit the 2020’s, topped with a cold, but still personal, minimalist music video! A song that shows another side of ”Cosmic World Mother” and what it has to offer.”


1. The Dissolution of Mind and Matter (04:09)
2. Vigilance and Atrophy (04:38)
3. Five of Swords (05:02)
4. As the After Becomes the Before (05:13)
5. Cosmic World Mother (04:37)
6. Helminthiasis (04:26)
7. Oscillator Epitaph (03:54)
8. In Abhorrence Upon Meadows (02:29)
9. Apokatastasis (04:21)
10. One of Light, One of Soil (03:17)
11. The Flickering Lights (05:24)
Total: 0:47:30


Timo Kontio – Guitar
Mathias Lillmåns – Vocals
Teemu Saari – Guitar
Antti Simonen – Keys
Kauko Kuusisalo – Drums
Petri Seikkula – Bass




Check out the music video for the ”Five Of Swords”, here:

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