Aniqo released music video for “This Has To Stop”!

”This Has To Stop” and ”Lord” from the German psychedelic dark pop artist Aniqo closes the year 2022. The songs fit into the explosive time – they sound angry, desperate and yet carry a spark of hope in the core.

This two songs feel new and different from previous releases, though still echoing the sometimes unpredictable song structures, distinctive voice and mood of debut ”Birth”. The record, released on CD and Vinyl via Springstoff in March 2022.


”This Has To Stop” and ”Lord” were produced by Anita Goß aka  Aniqo herself in her Berlin home studio. Co-producer is Dirk Feistel with whom Aniqo recorded together in his StudioXBerlin additionally the jazzy, punchy drums, some more wild sensitive guitars and playful chirping synth tracks with band members Alexander Lode, Torsten Füchsel and Illia Vovk.


Aniqo This Has To Stop


Anita states this about her song:

“I can’t say much – there are no words for the situation in the world… I scream and plead like on ”This Has To Stop”. I cry and pray like with Lord. Making art and hoping for healing are my way through this wasteland. I didn’t think it would go on so fast after Birth. But what has to come out, has to come out.”







Check out music video for “This Has To Stop”, below:

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