Anoxia premieres the music video for “Take Down The Mountains”, follow the path of freedom, fused with the divine melodic heavy metal!

Danish melodic heavy metal crushers Anoxia premieres the music video for “Take Down The Mountains”, taken from “Heavy Metal Rock Vol. 1” – which will be released this year, via From The Vaults Records. 

This is a song – with some enchanting and catchy melodies and sounds – wrapped in the best aural essence of heavy metal. It is intense, groovy – with a dose of high-quality catchiness, throughout the whole duration of it. That insane rhythm section is very coordinated and balanced with these groove riffs and a perfectly coordinated drum set. And that presents the very best of this heavy metal song, great rhythm sections that are followed by balanced and perfectly arranged music altogether.

All of the melodies and sounds are fused with each other like a perfect melodic symphony, arranged with the rest of the song smoothly in that powerful heavy metal style – that presents this heavy metal attitude and power of the song in the best manner.

Solos at the end of the song are the explosion of epicness and heavy metal overload – fused smoothly with groove background riffs and excellent drum set – that are present in the whole song.

And there are these raw and skillful heavy metal vocals by Lars Frederiksen – that perfectly carried out the song and are arranged so skillfully – with such classy heavy metal approach, that once again proves that this is such a powerful heavy metal song – with such a strong heavy foundation to it, that heavy metal fans and other listeners will enjoy. His high-skill vocal approach added this enchanting vibe and catchiness – to the whole song, that presented this song’s main qualities in the best way.

The whole song has this one catchy rhythm, combined with all of these melodic elements and sounds, catchy riffs, drum set, as well as powerful vocals – that created this one of a king and divine heavy metal rhythm – with the true passion and power of heavy metal.

And this shows the best side of heavy metal and the example of a perfect catchy heavy metal song to consume all over again. Arrangements for the song are done skillful and tactical, every aspect of the song is done greatly in the arrangement part, especially the vocal arrangements and riff one as well. And of course, good production pointed out to the max – all of the greatly arranged parts and other technical parts of the song – adding more quality to this melodic heavy mastery of the song. This song reminds of some Saxon songs and the guys did a fantastic job presenting this true heavy metal spirit like Saxon. And it is cleverly adapted to the song’s structure to sound heavier than it already is – making it, even more, this heavy metal experience unique and divine.

The lyrics and the story of the song are about hard times – facing challenges and overcoming them. And of course about the pandemic that destroyed the quality of the lives of people all over the world. And of course about freedom and to be free in these terrific times, as well. Greatly adapted lyrics to the song, they blended in perfectly – with the song’s main structure and all of the technical side of it – showing that this is a fantastic song that has the iron fist of heavy metal and all of the best aspects of it. And the main message is to be free – to wait for the good times, to fight for them and to resist the Covid-19 oppression. Heavy metal and freedom always go along -with each other and it will always go with each other – like an unbreakable bond. Don’t forget to be free, like the song is indicating – to be wild and free – followed by the almighty heavy metal essence.

Embrace the power of freedom, followed by melodic heavy metal mastery.

Anoxia’s Label CEO states this about the Covid-19 situations:

”I know your rehearsal facilities are shut down, all your concerts and festivals are canceled and the society is in total lockdown due to Covid-19… But hey, how about writing a face-melting new heavy metal single, record it and send it to me ASAP?”

The words from the CEO and the challenge became an instant catalyst and a well-placed adrenaline injection for the band who was semi-hibernating due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Lars (Vocal/Guitar) states this about the new song/music video:

”It was indeed a kick in the ass for the band and the whole process of creating the song was absolutely magic.  A song that really represents what we stand for as a band and we’re damn proud of it. The song – and video – really reflects our frustrations in those dark times both as a band but also as frequent concert and festival guests and I believe many will identify themselves with the lyrics.”

Due to lockdown, the song was recorded at several locations with help from sound-techs and longtime friends of the band Simon J. and Ole W. B. Mix and mastering were done by the great Jacob Hansen (Pretty Maids, Mercenary, Volbeat, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy). Enjoy Anoxia’s first release since 2019 “Take Down The Mountains”!


Lars Frederiksen – Vocal / Guitar
Claus S. Nielsen – Guitar
Allan Nielsen – Bass
Søren Frederiksen – Drums








Check out the premiere for the new official music video for ”Take Down The Mountains”, below:

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