Benighted releases drum play-through for ”Muzzle”!

Kévin Paradis, drummer from the extreme French band Benighted, is now releasing a brand new play-through video for the song ”Muzzle”, taken from the new full length “Obscene Repressed”. The new death grind offering saw the light on April 10th via Season of Mist Records.

Kevin Paradis states this about the new record and the guitar play-through out:

“On Benighted‘s new album “Obscene Repressed”, I’ve done my best to mix all my influences together to create the best drum beats and fills possible for the guitar riffing. ‘Muzzle’ is an example of what I’ve tried to do, from the jazzy “chabada” to blast beats, you’ll find many different drumming in just one song. Hope you’ll enjoy”

The album can still be ordered HERE.


Julien Truchan: Vocals
Emmanuel Dalle: Guitars
Fabien Desgardins: Guitars
Pierre Arnoux: Bass
Kévin Paradis: Drums

Recording studio: Kohlekeller Studio (Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany)
Producer/Mixing: Kristian Bonifer
Mastering: Tom Porcell

Guest musicians:

Sebastian Grihm (CYTOTOXIN) on ‘The Starving Beast’
Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) on ‘Implore The Negative’
Karsten Jäger (DISBELIEF) on ‘Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way’

Available formats:
Deluxe digipak including sound fragment of Julien’s pig squeal
LP invarious colors
Limited edition HYRAW merch

Cover art: Grindesign






Check out the drum play-through video for the “Muzzle”, here:

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