Blood Red Throne premieres the song “Requiem Mass”, perfect old school metal and dance of death!

Norwegian death metal gods Blood Red Throne premieres the song “Requiem Mass” pre-premiere was done by Decibel Magazine yesterday, and it can be checked out HERE. The song was taken from their upcoming new release “Fit to Kill”, which will be released in September 13th, via Mighty Music Records.

The most known Norwegian death metal band present’s the song that has all the best qualities that death metal can offer, and of course that pure destructive lobotomy sound, that will surely break the listeners mind into pieces. This song begins with a intro that is definitely influenced by doom metal, great intro for the rest of the chaos, and very well balanced with the rest of the song.

Finally, chaos begins, the whole song is just a true death metal old school perfection, the slamming riffs, outstanding brutal vocals, and the best part of the song are the drum set, it’s just pure madness, fast, furious with the touch of the insane brutality, which makes the song a technical perfection. Great thing about the song, and the band is that, they are influenced by American death metal titans Cannibal Corpse, from vocals to the whole music, basically the band has that old school vibe and influences, they picked the best ones of the genre to be influenced by. This is just a great thing, because it’s such a rarity to hear amazing old school death metal band, and of course to hear anything that is old school this days, this is such a surprise to hear today, a good one. Old school death metal strikes heard, with some brutal devastating punch delivering  true death metal power, that consumes all.

Blood Red Throne is known for their energetic and connecting live-shows and has toured many parts of the world the last 20 years. Both as headliners, but also on support tours with Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Suffocation, Cryptopsy… to name a few. They have done big festivals as Wacken, Hellfest, Bloodstock and many others.

1. Requiem Mass
2. Bloodity
3. Killing Machine pt.2
4. WhoreZone
5. Skyggemannen
6. InStructed InSanity
7. Movement of the Parasites
8. Deal it or Die
9. End

“Fit to Kill”will be released in CD, vinyl LP (transparent and green versions) and digital. Pre-orders available in

Guitarist Død states this about the upcoming release:

“We keep climbing the Throne. Fit To Kill is by far our most old-school release since 2003’s Affiliated With the Suffering. Back to the roots. Death metal never dies”.



Daniel “Død” Olaisen – Guitar
Ivan “Meathook” Gujic – Guitar
Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen – Vocals
Stian «Gunner» Gundersen – Bass
Freddy Bolsø – Drums



Check out the premiere of the song “Requiem Mass”, here:


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