New Year’s concert of punk-rock band Brkovi with Goatmare & The Hellspades and Scordisci tonight 30th december 2016


Photo by: Roberto Pavić

Brkovi  managed to connect people who listen to folk and punk music, across the region and Europe. They will leave a  old year with energetic performance in 30 December 2016 in a” Magacin Depo“, a unique atmosphere, will contribute with a special guest Goran Biševac.

Performance of Croatian punk rock band will began at 22:30 pm tonight. Brkovi invite all of  their fans to come early at 20:00 pm, and they will gave to the most loyal fans a free Serbian drink Rakija. They will have for the support  two Serbian bands. The first one is Horrorpunk/rockabilly  band Goatmare & The Hellspades, they will began at 21:00 pm, and celtic punk band Scordisci, they will began at 21:45 pm.

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Photo by: Roberto Pavić

Brkovi successfully create unigue mix of punk rock, hard rock, heavy metal, reggae and folk music, which is wittily packaged in a melodic genre  that  they call “turbopankfolkwellness and spa“. Their fans in Belgrade heard the last year, a successful promotion of the new album “Torso Dade Topica” at Hala Sportova.

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Here are some statments of the band:

“We are excited about the concert in Belgrade, this is a town, that we probably had the best concerts in our career. Certainly, this is a city where we had one of the biggest concerts in our life. These are all reasons why we fell  in Belgrade like we are at home. We are happy, aslo our good friend will join as Biske (Pero Defformero).”

“Our music an be enjoyed by those who listen to turbo-folk, as well as those that can on our  performances seen it, as satire and mockery of the people who listen to folk music.  It must not  be forget that we aslo  remained a punk band. We invite the public to join us in large numbers and together in Belgrade, to make a unforgettable memory. We had a successful year, and we will brought out the show, in a joyful way.”

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