Capra releases new video for the “Red Guillotine”!

Lafayette, Louisiana-based metallic hardcore outfit Capra released a new video for “Red Guillotine”. The song comes by way of the band’s critically lauded In Transmission” full-length, released via Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. last year.

Vocalist Crow Lotus states this about the new music video/song:


“I wrote this song about how helpless it feels to be prey in a predatory world. Women should be celebrated for standing their ground, not ostracized and humiliated.”

Formed in 2016 by guitarist Tyler Harper and drummer Jeremy Randazzo, the initial idea for Carpa was to create something that would be fresh while still giving listeners a sense of nostalgia for the sounds of the late ’90s and early 2000s hardcore and punk scenes. Following various lineup changes, and adding Crow Lotus (vocals), Trevor Alleman (guitar) and Ben Paramore (bass) to their ranks, everything came together. In Transmission — recorded with Jai Benoit (GolgothanFather Rust), then mixed by Taylor Young (NailsTwitching Tongues), and mastered by Brad Boatwright (Pig DestroyerIntegrityTorcheIdle Hands) — represents the culmination of years of hard work, reflecting everything they’ve been writing and pouring into the band since solidifying the lineup.

Bassist Ben Paramore states this about the new record:

“We wanted it to be the heaviest and most complete record we could possibly lay down, composed of only the best songs we’ve written over years of playing together. It’s the best set of songs we’ve ever had, and we’re all extremely proud of them, and each other, so we hope it sounds like a total passion project – because it is.”

Preview and purchase ”In Transmission” at: HERE


Crow Lotus – vocals
Tyler Harper – guitar
Trevor Alleman – guitar
Jeremy Randazzo – drums
Ben Paramore – bass






Check out the music video for “Red Guillotine”, below:

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