Captain Black Beard premieres music video for “Psychical”, let’s get psychical, powered by the 80’s divine song!

Swedish  Captain Black Beard AOR lords premieres the new music video for “Psychical”  from their upcoming record, which will be released via Mighty Music Records, this Fall.

Are you ready for time travel to the 80’s epicenes, get ready for perfect 80’s rock song – that brings up the word epic to a whole new level – with a true and classical 80’s spirit. Right from the start this song begging’s with such groove explosion, catchy riffing – fast and outstanding atmosphere, that brings out the 80’s hook quality in most special way. The whole coordination with drum set, riffs and usually amazing vocals from Martin, present’s this groove – that blends in with epicenes and cathines of the song. This song has this excellent balance -that points out the bands personal trade and that is their melodic structure. And this balance is followed by fast and rhythmical tempo atmosphere – that clearly show bands mastery in the technical terms. Everything that this band does – with their music is phenomenal. All of the details are perfectly arranged once again, passages adapted greatly with each other.

Every passage is arranged specifically to go with the other one, so that it doesn’t stand out from each other – this shows that this song is just unique and perfect in aural and technical aspect , as it can be. Production for this one, is smoothly done to point out every tone, sound, melody to sound so refreshing and clear – without unnecessary details, presenting straightforward clear production that shows all of the quality of the song in the right moment’s of it. All of the melodic divinity – that is the trademark of this band – presents that this guys are masters in creating the right melody and right atmosphere to enjoy fully. It suits them perfectly and they always know how to choose the right melodies for the 80’s influenced music and songs. Colorful melodies added this nostalgic 80’s atmosphere – with this song. And in general made the song filled with live and energy, which goes in awesome way with 80’s influenced song – since 80’s music is suppose to be lively, even sometimes cheerful.

The best parts of the song are some serious guitar shredding – that added this high quality moment to the song. And some melodic atmospheric synth part – that added this special and unique vibe to the song, making it just a good 80’s jam – to embrace.

Martin once again delivered high quality vocals, from high to lower vocals parts. He demonstrated his vocal domination in his usual great manner. Making the song as a whole, one unique experience, that Martin just made even better – with his high class vocal approach and technique.

The whole song is one epic ride of greatly arranged music and melodies, coordinated, greatly structured details and components. That makes this song an ultimate high quality 80’s rock journey through powerful 80’s classical rock. Awaking the spirit of 80’s and showing smoothness of it – in highest level.

Get psychical – through the ultimate power of 80’s rock essence. 

Grown out in the melodic era of the 80’s, with more than ten years in the music business, the band turned some heads with its last record ”Sonic Forces” and a new-found classy, disco-inspired AOR. It was time for Mighty Music Records to get into play.

The band states this about their music and new song:

”When we read reviews of our album ”Sonic Forces”, the term ”Disco AOR” was used to describe our music”, the band comments. ”We hadn’t heard this before but kinda liked it and I think this song was written with that in mind. The energy and the pacing of the song make it the perfect album opener, show opener, and of course… the first single”.

The band also adds this about the sign-up:

”We’re absolutely fired up about signing to Mighty Music. Our new album is a beast waiting to be unleashed. Is the world ready? Who knows… but Captain Black Beard is back on a new mission and with our mighty collaborators, success shall come our way.”


Christian Ek – guitar
Martin Holsner – vocals
Daniel Krakowski – guitar
Robert Majd – bass
Yngve ”Vinnie”Strömberg – drums







Check out the premiere for music video of “Psychical” , below:

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