Carnation releases new live video for ”Sepulcher of Alteration”!

The Belgian death metal stalwarts of Carnation are now premiering a brand new live video for their recently released song ”Sepulcher of Alteration”. The video was shot during their performance at the Hellgium Festival in Belgium two weeks ago. The song is taken from the bands upcoming full length ”Where Death Lies” (Out Sept 18).


The album is set for worldwide release on September 18th, 2020. Pre-orders are available in various formats HERE. Carnation have previously revealed the official music video for ”Sepulcher of Alteration”, which van be viewed HERE. The stunning cover artwork for ”Where Death Lies”, is once again created by the talented Juan Jose Castellano Rosado.


1. Iron Discipline (3:52)
2. Sepulcher of Alteration (4:22) (WATCH)
3. Where Death Lies (3:26)
4. Spirit Excision (3:46)
5. Napalm Ascension (4:09)
6. Serpent’s Breath (4:47)
7. Malformed Regrowth (3:09)
8. Reincarnation (5:24)
9. In Chasms Abysmal (7:39)
Total playing time: 40:34

Front-man Simon Duson states this about their live performance:

“The debut live performance of our newest track ‘Sepulcher of Alteration’ took place at the Hellgium Livestream Festival earlier this month. We have been yearning to perform this track live, ever since the day we finished writing it. Sadly, we were unable to witness your reaction in the flesh, but with the ongoing pandemic, this felt like the only possible way for us to take this track to the stage anytime soon, and we’ll take what we can get!”

Recording Studio & Sound Engineers: Where Death Lies was recorded from January to April 2020. The drums were recorded by Wojtek & Sławek Wieslawski at the Hertz Recording Studio in Białystok, Poland and the guitars, bass & vocals were recorded by Yarne Heylen at Project Zero Studio in Nijlen, Belgium.

Cover art: Juan Jose Castellano Rosado

Simon Duson – Vocals
Jonathan Verstrepen – Guitars
Bert Vervoort – Guitars
Yarne Heylen – Bass
Vincent Verstrepen – Drums

2015: Semetery of the Insane (EP)
2017: Live at Asakusa Deathfest (Live album)
2018: Chapel of Abhorrence (Full length)
2020: Where Death Lies (Full length)

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Check out the live music video for the “Sepulcher of Alternation” from the  live streaming Hellgium Festival 2020, here:


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