Chronicle premieres lyric video for “Terrorform”, wake-up call song, fused with the destructive power of high quality death metal!

Photo by: The Lens Viking

Danish melodic death metal crushers Chronicle premieres new lyric video for “Terrorform”, which is taken from the upcoming record ”Where Chaos Thrives”, which will be released in May, via Mighty Music Records.

This song is mighty crusher of high quality death metal and relentless riffs – that slams and bangs hard followed by powerful rhythm, that the band created in such great and creative way. Like any other death metal song, this banger – slams hard through out the whole song – with outstanding riffs, that added this specific aural fuel to the song and added more chaotic atmosphere – to this  apocalyptic song. Which presents an ultimate death metal crusher – with a destructive essence and spirit that shows the best and most amazing sides of death metal genre. Coordination and balance are great, this guys know how to maintain their rhythm section – to sound so catchy, but at the same time raw and ruthless, also riffing and drumming is arranged in masterful way. Every detail is price, especially with some arranged parts – that have this little details in their sound, to sound more unique, creating this special atmosphere in the song. Arrangements are done like their technical parts, everything is just perfect and smooth. And surprisingly – goes very well with this clean distortion, both of technical and arrangement side.

Chronicle Terroform

Every passage is arranged to it’s cause – with detailed approach and purpose to it, following the fest rhythm and distortion, that is unreally clean. They also added to every passage a different adaptation, while sliding – the rhythm and sound structure changes – but the essence stayed the same, which is another plus regarding technical side of the song and job well done by the band. The best passage – with most authentic arrangement is the melodic riffing at the end of the song, like a culmination of the cool story and explosion of fierce and furious atmosphere of the song, like a true death metal vortex – with powerful essence to it.

Growls by Lars are excellent. He has this great technique – that presents perfect vocal skills by Lars himself. From the higher ones to the deeper once, he stayed in the line through-out the whole song, which shows his good balance and sense for the rhythm of the song. His vocals followed the rhythmical section perfectly and of course with skillful approach – it created quite a special balance, that added more quality to the song. Lars shows with his vocals – the true essence of death metal to it’s core with a dose of great growls, that have skillful approach to them and have high quality in them.

The story of the song is a wake-up call. How human race destroys it’s environment/ecosystem – with nuclear weapons, pollutions and destroying nature, as well. All of the aspects of the apocalypse are mention in  the story of the song. This makes us question: “Are we mature enough to know that everything is connected and the truth about it, as well?”. Since we as a human race failed on the test of keeping the environment healthy and safe. The band clearly shows the bad  behavior towards all of it. Every aspect of chaos is mention, as a warning. That we all need to wake up and start to be more responsible and mature about our planet, our environment and ourselves. To respect each other, all living things and everything around us. Since we all are created together and are connected to every living thing around us – like a ultimate and divine union of life. So we need to  cherish that, not to demolish it. The guys did a fantastic job with the story and bringing some attention for a good cause, before it’s to late. And the story goes perfectly – with the mighty technical side of it.

This is a death metal blaster of iconic propositions and epic wake-up call story. It is a true death metal song – that has all of death metal quality that death metal needs to have. It is a vortex of brutal energy and spirit – that presents death metal demolishing at the most highest level. Death metal power and brutality, created in most best and creative way. It is a death metal thunder of power and mighty death metal essence, that awakes every sense – through it’s vibe and essence, like a true death metal storm that strikes hard.

Follow the path of death metal thunder, for a better cause. 

The third record from the Frederikshavn ( Northern part of Denmark) four-piece was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios (Hatesphere, Moonspell, Mnemic, etc)”Where Chaos Thrives” is by far Chronicle’s most ambitious album to date.

Guitarist and Vocalist Lars Bo Nepper states this about new song/music video:

”We have strived to create an album that showcases both our most technical musicianship yet, but at the same time stands as the most cohesive work we have done. The music, lyrics and artwork are all intended to create a whole, bigger than the sum of its parts, where all the different assets of the album support the record’s central theme – humanity’s impending demise, due to the destruction of our own ecosystem.”

The follow-up to ”Demonology” (released by Mighty Music in 2020) will have a cover designed by Sam Nelson (Allegaeon, Pile Of Priests, Wayfarer, etc) and is expected to have nine tracks and will be available in CD, vinyl, and digital formats.


Lars Bo Nepper – guitar/vocals

Sebastian Skousgaard – guitar

Jacob Wammen – bass/vocals

Jari S. Holopainen – drums








Check out the premiere for music video of  ”Terrorform”, below:

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