Cold Raven annouces new singer, working on a new album!

Melodic obscure black metal horde Cold Raven have announced their new singer, Tenebrio! Furthermore, the band is currently working on their next album.

Statement of the band about the new Vocalist and the new upcoming album:

“Important announcement: we are currently recording pre-production versions of the songs that will be in our second album, which will see the light by the end of the year. Vocal duties will be covered by Tenebrio from Teka Phobia, who is now a member of Cold Raven.”

Melodic obscure black metal horde Cold Raven formed in 2013  released their debut full-length album “Equilibrium & Chaos” in 2014, via Sliptrick Records. The band’s sound is influenced by the Black Metal scene in the early ‘90s as well by the bands that followed and contributed to open the horizons of the genre. So far Cold Raven has shared the stage with important acts, such as NargarothInfernal WarNecromassDark FuneralGod DethronedBelphegorUnleashedMortuary DrapeImpaled Nazarene, PossessedAbsu, etc, and has played in several European countries.

Check out the live performance while supporting Belphegor and Possessed of the song “In Worship With My Inner Darkness”here, enjoy it: