Corpsefucking Art released the album called “Splatterphobia” in full, and it’s available for streaming!

This release called  “Splatterphobia” is recorded at Hombrelogo studios in Rome, represent the last band effort with the new line up since their last album “Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa”,  and is also a tribute to various and well known movies in the cinema’s history.

Artwork made once again by French maniac Chris Moyen, who is the band’s trademark since years, with his extravagant character “Mr. Daisy”.

You can expect ten tracks of psychopathic old school, blood drenched death metal in pure Corpsefucking Art style strongly influenced by Cannibal Corpse (Barnes era), Incantation and Deicide.

The album is also an homage to the directors Umberto Lenzi and Tobe Hooper recently passed away.

1. Splatterphobia
2. Satanic Barbecue
3. Black Sheep Terror
4. Tomator
5. Nightmare City
6. Robocorpse II
7. Devouring By The Sauce
8. Beyond The Holy Grounds (Tomato Version)
9. Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead (Cannibal Corpse Cover)
10.Blood, Knife, Mirror






Check out the full stream for the new release called “Splatterphobia” here, enjoy it: