Craft released second new song called “Darkness Falls”!

Craft are unleashing the second crushing song called “Darkness Falls” taken from their forthcoming new album, ”White Noise and Black Metal”, which will hit stores on June 22nd, 2018.

Craft have previously released the amazing cover of ”White Noise and Black Metal”, which has been created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak and can be viewed together with the album details below.

1. The Cosmic Sphere Falls (4:56)
2. Again (4:15)
3. Undone (6:39)
4. Tragedy of Pointless Games (6:27)
5. Darkness Falls (4:50)
6. Crimson (4:49)
7. Shadow (5:40)
8. White Noise (4:42)
Total: 42:18

By dry definition, white noise denotes a random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies, giving it a constant power spectral density. It has been commonly employed in electronic music and denotes, for instance, the sound of a non-existent radio station while searching through the spectrum for a signal.

For black metal, it denotes the yin to the yang of the will to shape forms and patterns of melodies and rhythms and as such has a constant presence. Craft have chosen their title as a perfect description of this symbiotic relationship into which the seeming contrast and contradiction of black and white enters. With ”White Noise and Black Metal”, the Swedes return to strength after a long hiatus following the release of previous full-length, ”Void” (2011).

The forthcoming album combines the vitriolic virtues of ”Terror Propaganda” (2002) with an updated songwriting that is as mature and intelligent as it is razor-sharp. The fast and furious of extreme metal contrasts with dark and depressive passages with added undertones of black ‘n’ roll.

Craft embodies the black metal virtue of raw spiritual energy expressed through violent, ripping guitar-work and unholy rhythms enhanced by demonic vocals. The Swedes have long enjoyed a massive cult status within underground circles, yet also gained strong acclaim and recognition by mainstream metal media and critics.

Craft was spawned by guitarist Joakim, who was joined by a friend on drums late 1994. Lead guitarist John was added to the roster in 1996 but left in 1998 only to return about a year later. A demo entitled ”Total Eclipse” hit the world in 1999, which led to a first record deal. During the recording of their crushing debut ”Total Soul Rape”(2000), the Swedes were reinforced by vocalist Nox.

This misanthropic album captured the ear of Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, who released sophomore opus ”Terror Propaganda” in 2002 on his own label. With their extremely dark music, the group gained much acclaim by critics and fans alike.

Craft continued to build and expand their typical hateful and destructive style by adding ”Fuck the Universe” (2005) and ”Void” (2011) to the list of their albums. Meanwhile, bass player Alex had joined and with their completed lineup the band finally became a live entity in September 2014.

Now Craft are ready to take a giant step in their career with the extremely strong, ”White Noise and Black Metal”. This is misanthropic Swedish black metal honed to perfection.


Current line-up:

Joakim: guitars, electronics
Nox: vocals
John Doe: guitars
Alex: bass

Recording line-up:

Joakim: guitars, electronics
Nox: vocals
John Doe: guitars
Alex: bass
Daniel Moilanen: session drums

Recording: Studio Gröndahl, Stockholm, Sweden and self-recording

Producer: Karl Daniel Lidén for drums and Joakim for everything else

Mix & mastering: Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamb Studios

Cover art: Zbigniew M. Bielak

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Vinyl LP



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