D.D. Verni from Overkill premieres new official music and lyric video for the song “Lost in the Underground” from the upcoming solo album “Barricade” is available!

Overkill’s Bassist D.D. Verni premieres official music and lyric video “Lost In The Underground” is a new song from the upcoming release “Barricade” via Mighty Music Records in October 12th.

Statement of the D.D Verni about the new song:

”Lost in the Underground” was one of the first songs I had written for this, it’s basically about the headspace of making a record and knowing how much time and work it will be, but being compelled to soldier forward and create anyway! Features a solo by Andre “Virus” Karkos. Virus also did rhythm guitars on and the album and just killed it. Hopefully gets you guys primed for the full release!”

Statement of the D.D. Verni from Overkill about his upcoming solo album:

“There’s some metal, punk, classic rock….. it’s all in there, from Queen to Green Day to Metallica, I think we covered all the basses!”

01. Fire Up
02. Miracle Drug
03. Off My Leash
04. (We are) The Broken Ones
05. Lost In The Underground
06. The Party of No
07. Night of the Swamp King
08. We Were Young
09. Slow My Ride
10. Heaven Calling

D.D. Verni’s first effort has a host of guitar players doing guest spots on the record. Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Mike Romeo (Symphony X), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), Steve Leonard (Almost Queen) and Andre “Virus” Karkos (Dope), who also contributed the rhythm guitar tracks. Rounding out the group is former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki. The record was mixed and mastered by Chris “Zuess” Harris (Rob Zombie, Queensryche, Hatebreed).

The first song “Fire Up” features guitarist Mike Orlando.

D.D. Verni states this about the collaboration:

“I’m psyched to get this disc out, we had a lot of fun and a lot of great players contributed”.

In addition to 18 Overkill full-length releases, Verni has 4 releases with his side band The Bronx Casket Co. D.D.

Verni reveals more details why he wanted to record a solo album:

“So, why do a solo record….well I never really stop writing material, and after some time it starts to pile up and take shape and I wonder what it will be. In the past anything that was not Overkill material I would put aside for my other band The Bronx Casket Co, but when I starting pulling these songs together it was clearly not that, and I thought, OK I guess it’s a solo record. The material was kinda Metal and kinda Rock and kinda Punk, so those really are my basic influences. In Overkill, I take all that background and funnel it into our Thrash sound. But these songs were not Thrash but a combination of the other stuff. I would never really have an interest in doing a record that was thrash sounding outside of Overkill, I just don’t think it could be any better. The fun is trying new shit and seeing where it goes for me. I could always do all the instruments myself as I have in the past on projects but thought this could be a good opportunity to try working with some new people. My wife was hearing me thinking out loud and basically said why don’t you just call some guys who’s work you like and see if they would be interested, and so that’s what I did”.

Touring in both the US and Europe is currently being booked.

Check out a lyric video for the song “Fire Up”  here, enjoy it:

Check out the official stream and premiere for the song “Lost in the Underground” here, enjoy it: