Deathwhite entered the studio to record sophomore release ”Grave Image”!

Enigmatic dark metal outfit Deathwhite have entered the studio to record their sophomore full-length, ”Grave Image”. The music is being recorded at Cerebral Audio Productions with producer/engineer Shane Mayer, who also recorded the band’s debut ”For A Black Tomorrow” while the vocals are being tracked at Erik Rutan’s Mana Studios with Art Paiz serving as engineer. When all is said and done, ”Grave Image” will be mastered by Dan Swano,

Statement of the band about the upcoming new release:

“We have spent the better part of the last six months fine-tuning and agonizing – for lack of a better term — over the ten new compositions that will comprise ‘Grave Image.’ We have been operating with the benefit of hindsight and perhaps, best of all, more familiarity with one other, which has led to songs that are heavier and superior to our previous efforts. While this may sound like typical pre-album release fodder, we believe it to be true considering the amount of time and effort we have poured into making ‘Grave Image’ a reality. We are also operating with an expanded lineup — a second guitar player has joined the fold, thus adding a new dimension to the guitar department and subsequently enhancing the Deathwhite sound.”

We are grateful to once again be working alongside Shane Mayer for the album’s tracking — his attention to detail and meticulous nature is second-to-none. Due to new geographical realities, we will track vocals at Erik Rutan’s immaculate Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida, with engineer Art Paiz overseeing the sessions. Once recording and mixing are complete, the album will be sent across the pond to the legendary Dan Swano for mastering, a gentleman we hold in infinite regard for past musical works and production acumen.

Additionally, we are in discussions for future live shows, something we’d like to do more of during the lead-up to ”Grave Image’s” eventual release. In the meantime, we will be working towards the album’s completion as well as finalizing its cover art, of which will be revealed at a later date.”


Deathwhite released their debut album ”For A Black Tomorrow” via Season of Mist Records in 2018 which can be listened to in full here! The artwork and details of the album can be viewed below.

DEATHWHITE album cover

1. The Grace of the Dark (4:06)
2. Contrition (4:11)
3. Poisoned (4:56)
4. Just Remember (4:44)
5. Eden (4:13)
6. Dreaming the Inverse (5:01)
7. Death and the Master (6:25)
8. Prison of Thought (5:25)
9. For a Black Tomorrow (4:13)
Total playing time: 43:26

American metal is often associated with its rather brutal side in Europe and often taken to involve the terms “death” and “core” by default. With their first album ”For A Black Tomorrow”, Deathwhite masterly demonstrate that hard sounds from overseas can also be dark, emotional, and subtle. Although the Americans come with an already well matured style very much their own, some rough comparisons are offering a sketchy idea on which paths Deathwhite tread.

To say that they combine the melancholic depth of Ghost Brigade with a sense of drama that would fit Moonspell and a pinch of Amorphis for added taste is of course not fully correct, but might give suitable hints.

Formed in 2012, Deathwhite were created in part to follow on the path first explored by dark metal torchbearers such as Anathema, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost.

In 2014, the ”Ethereal” EP successfully established a template of melodic, clean vocals alongside melancholic, but heavy riffing. This debut created an early buzz within the metal underground that grew significantly with the following ”Solitary Martyr” EP (2015), which was hailed by critics as “thick with emotion” and “wonderfully engrossing”.

Backed by such praise, Deathwhite spent 2016 writing and recording their first full-length under the supervision of producer and engineer Shane Mayer. Listen and let ‘‘For A Black Tomorrow” seduce you to delve deep into its enthralling darkness!

Line-up: The band does not provide line-up information.

Guest musicians:
Joe Bonaddio: guitar solo on “Death and the Master”
Shane Mayer: guitar solo on “For a Black Tomorrow”

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold LP in various colours


Cover art: Jérôme “Pyrogas” Comentale


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