Defiled forced to cancel Asian Easter shows due to the Christian local authorities!

Local Christian authorities have forced Defiled, among other bands, to cancel their shows in Malaysia which should have taken place during the upcoming Easter weekend. Local Christian authorities have intervened a few days prior the performances, questioning the government why the bands were granted permission to play on this particular weekend.

The council’s general secretary Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said (via Channel News Asia) states this about the canceled shows:

“The CCM calls upon the relevant authorities to explain the basis for granting permission to such bands that promote their music by using extremely offensive and denigrating language that can hurt the religious feelings of others. This will be considered an affront to the religious sentiments of Christians in the country.”

Both shows in Sibu and Miri have been cancelled due to this reason. A list of remaining live dates can be found below.

Regarding the cancellation, Guitarist Yusuke states this about the canceled shows:

“I am quite disappointed that some people still have serious misunderstanding about metal music and metal heads in general. Music is just music, like a movie is just a movie! Some bands may be singing about Satan, but it has to be understood that metal music is just metaphor to stand for intentional aberration. Metal heads listen to metal music for the energy and to have fun; and also indulge in various forms of black humor, making it a kind of cathartic activity, helping them to momentarily forget about daily life’s pressure and issues. Most metal heads are peaceful and open minded individuals, nobody has intentions of hurting anyone. Nothing more, nothing less. I truly hope people will start to understand that.”

Tour dates:
18 Apr 19 Taipei (TW) Revolver
19 Apr 19 Johor Bahru (MY) Rockin Jamz
10 Sep 19 Osaka (JP) Pangea (+Immolation +Broken Hope)
11 Sep 19 Nagoya (JP) Three Stage (+Immolation +Broken Hope)
12 Sep 19 Tokyo (JP) Cyclone (+Immolation +Broken Hope)

Defiled are touring in support of their latest album ”Towards Inevitable Ruin”, which can be listened to in full here!

DEFILED album cover


1. Subversion
2. Cauterized
3. Doomsday
4. Conspiracy
5. Force And Obedience
6. Shadows Hands
7. Fear From Above
8. Scapegoat
9. Debunked
10. One World
11. Silent But Ongoing
12. Towards Inevitable Ruin

Defiled come barging in like some crusty Godzilla made out of the stuff polished tech death nightmares are made from. These revered Samurai of death metal crush through the spiral ganglion with a sound rawer than shark sushi that still bites. No doubt the low-fi production of their fifth full-length ”Towards Inevitable Ruin” owes as much to gutter punk as is possible for a band following the path of extreme metal. Yet after giving this monster some spins, the apparent fragments start to drift together – starting from a catchy fill, riff or grating grunt that morph into a strange hook relentlessly driving its spike into the brain.

”Towards Inevitable Ruin” is not pretty, nor pretending and reduced to the bare bones. Defiled are definitely making a statement of naked brutality.

This time it took the Japanese “only” five years to deliver a follow-up to the acclaimed ”In Crisis” (2011), which came out eight years after ”Divination” (2003) shook the world awake to the band from the Land of the Rising Sun. Defiled climbed to the top of Asia’s death metal scene with the release of their self-financed EP ”Defeat of Sanity” (1994) two years after their inception. Founded in Tokyo, they quickly combined the brutal and technical aspects of this mad metropolis into their own unique sound. Their first album ”Erupted Wrath” (1999) was mixed by genre legend Jim Morris in Tampa, Florida, who returned to work on sophomore opus ”Ugliness Revealed” (2001) as well as third full-length ”Divination”.

The Japanese opened for extreme metal legends such as Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, and toured with Incantation and Mayhem to name but a few. In their latest endeavor,Defiled embarked on a celebrated death metal mission throughout Asia, which let them to places rarely found in tour-schedules such as India, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Nepal.

Defiled are back with a bang. ”Towards Inevitable Ruin” is not for the faint of heart or intended for easy listening, but given a chance it will not fail to impress!

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold vinyl (black and coloured)

Shinichiro Hamada: vocal, guitar
Yusuke Sumita: guitar
Hiroaki Sato: bass
Keisuke Hamada: drums



Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold vinyl (black and coloured)

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