DESECRATE’s Song “Nevermore” Featuring in Horror Gothic Slasher Movie!

DESECRATE’s Song “Nevermore” Featuring in Horror Gothic Slasher Movie!


European matrix death metallers DESECRATE’s song “Nevermore”, from their latest album “Orpheus”, will be featuring in the movie, entitled “Stridor”. The film will come out in late January/early February 2017.

“We are proud to announce that our piece “Nevermore” was choosen for the ILDO BRIZI and ANDREA LIONETTI’s new movie “STRIDOR”, directed by ILDO BRIZI. DESECRATE is going to be engaged with a small part in this Horror Gothic Slasher movie and from this cooperation will be extracted the new videoclip that will come out at the beginning of 2017, when the promotional activity of the band will continue, they also will be committed in several dates abroad.”

Formed in 1995, DESECRATE immediately became protagonist in the Italian underground scene. Their debut full-length album “Moonshiny Tales (The Torment and the Rapture)” came out in 1998 via Mephisto Records. Due to several musical disagreements, the band went to hiatus in 2001, but after nine years, in 2010, DESECRATE raised from the ashes again, releasing a new album, “XIII The Death” in 2012, via Inverse Records. The band’s sound has remained faithful to the European matrix death metal of the 90’s aggressive and scratching sonority, with several arrangement innovations which together with the constant use of the piano, create a very personal sound. Recently the band has toured in Italy, having one of the highlights the final show with Dark Tranquillity. DESECRATE‘s latest effort “Orpheus” came out in January 2015, followed by a promotional tour in Italy.

Also check out “To the Hades and Back” (Official Video):

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BAND: http://desecrate.it

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