Diabolisches Werk will release a debut record “Beast” in December!

”Diabolisches Werk” means and is the work of the devil.  Formed in the pandemic October of 2020, their work is pure musical blasphemy – combining death and thrash metal in its most brutal form. Exactly the kind of upcoming band with solid talent that the recently formed label Uprising! Records is looking for to form the backbone of their catalog.

1. The Sinkhole
2. The Excremist
3. Beast
4. Murderer
5. False Flag
6. Last Day Of The Saints
7. Banner Of Doom

The members Pissmark (guitar & bass), Knochenmark (guitar & vocals) and Smellhammer (drums & vocals) have been active in the extreme music scene for decades, e.g. in bands like Endstille, Tauthr, Dysangelium (Ger), etc.

Appreciate the Beast! “Beast” will be released in digital, LP, and CD formats by UPRISING! Records on December 17th.

Pre-orders available here.
Pissmark: guitar, bass
Knochenmark: guitar, vocals
Smellhammer: drums, vocals





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