Dominanz premieres the music video for the song “Ruins of Destruction”, black metal destruction, coming from the pits of hell!

Dominaz premieres a music video for the song called “Ruins of Destruction”, taken from the upcoming new release ”Let the Death Enter” which will be released in March 22th,via Mighty Music Records.

This band recorded a very brutal video with some violence in it. Amazing black metal riffs, old school influences, and also there Dimmu Borgir Influences in some parts of the song. Interesting part of the music video is the title in the beginning of the video and goes like this: ” The song is based on good Christian values, ethics, morals and beliefs”. Showing basically the dark side of the religion and the true side of it, the ultimate truth of it. So the band definitely showed trough the story, that religion is not so good, and that the reality is just dark, and the world is a dark and evil place. Most amazing part of the song, is some melodic elements added to the riffs, adding tension to the story and the song, while it ends. Old school black metal with Dimmu Borgir style, and modern production, created a black metal music, that has come from hell itself, ready to devour this world with darkness and flames.

The band states this about the music video and the song:

“The song, and the video was the seed for our upcoming album, a slow growth/slow burn. Sound-wise it laid the foundation for what would come, even though it also represents the last works of incarnation no. 2 of Dominanz. And of course it is based on good Christian values, ethics, morals and beliefs”.

As true ambassadors of the new generation of extreme metal with black metal influences hailing from Norway, Dominanz has not been performing bad at all.

Formed in 2009, two years later they released their debut “As I Shine”. In 2014 Dominanz followed up with the critically acclaimed “Noxious”. The world press embraced it, and the reviews were overall great. It was darker and definitely stronger then the debut album.

The contributions of guest vocalists Abbath (Immortal), Olav Iversen (Sagh) and Doro Korsvold (Fairy) made the music even more eclectic and varied.

Now over 4 years later they are ready with their third full length, “Let the Death Enter”. This time they entered Øystein G. Bruns’(Borknagar) Crosound Studio and used most of 2017/2018 to make “Let the Death Enter” as great as it has become. The final touch is made by the mastermind Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio.

Dominanz are more influenced by their roots from the black metal, but for sure keep their atmospheric signature.

Check out the premiere of the music video for the song called “Ruins of Destruction” here, enjoy it:

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