Firespawn releases new song ”The Hunter”!

Firespawn released the second song ”The Hunter”  from the upcoming studio release called “Abominate”, which will be released via Century Media Records on June 7th.

A.Impaler states this about the new song:

“ The Hunter is a perfect example of what I mean when I say that Firespawn always thinks outside the box and always aiming to evolve. It is Death Metal but it’s no way near traditional Death Metal, it’s Firespawn! Enjoy!” 

Featuring current and ex-members of Entombed A.D., Necrophobic, Unleashed, Dimmu Borgir, and Dark FuneralFirespawn dutifully followed in the footsteps of the genre’s grand masters on previous albums ”Shadow Realms” (2015) and ”The Reprobate” (2017), but unlike their storied peers, the Swedes dexterously imbue ample amounts of heavy metal riffs and solos into their brutish cacophony on new songs like “Death and Damnation,” “Heathen Blood,” “The Great One,” and “Blind Kingdom.”

The unlikely pairing of heaving, beastly death metal and ultra-melodic solos creates a new, must-hear dynamic. With L-G Petrov’s foul growl in supreme shape and Firespawn blasting on all cylinders, Abominate is a top contender for Death Metal Album of the Year. Bow to the extraordinary power of Firespawn now!







Check out the new song called “The Hunter” here, enjoy it:


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