Gory Blister premiere and the stream of the song, and the official music video is available!

Gory Blister premiere and the stream of the song and the official music video  “The Last Call” is available and it will be released on July 20th via Mighty Music.

The new thrashy song by Gory Blister deals with the limits overcome by human race on Earth. Humans are the only beings menacing their own habitat and triggering an evident self-destruction process. The unwise use of nuclear plants is just one of the proofs. The Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters are and will ever be out of control. Humanity is at a point of no return. Planet Earth is making the “Last Call”.

“The Last Call” is taken from the upcoming album “1991.Bloodstained” by Italian death metal masters Gory Blister. The album will be released worldwide on Mighty Music on September 28th.

Paolo Quaglia(John St. John): Vox
Raff Sangiorgio: Guitar
Fabiano Andreacchio: Bass
Joe Laviola: Drums



Check out  the premiere of the music video for the song “The Last Call” here, enjoy it: