Gory Blister premieres lyric video and the song “Trails of Lies”, premiere and the stream are available!

Italian death metal masters  Gory Blister are premiering a  lyric video and the song “Trails of Lies” which was taken from the upcoming release “1991. Bloodstained” which will be released via Mighty Music Records on September 28th.

The band stated this about the song:

“This song deals with a big illusion…sometimes Good an Evil are two faces of the same reality…In most cases everything is set to look as Good, but what if it was a great deception? What if Evil appeared as Good? Are you sure Good is in charge? Look around…Look twice and then ask yourself… is it Good… or Evil blessing us all?”

Paolo Quaglia(John St. John): Vox
Raff Sangiorgio: Guitar
Fabiano Andreacchio: Bass
Joe Laviola: Drums



Check out the premiere and the stream of the lyric video for the song “Trails of Lies” here, enjoy it: