GRAI Is stuck in Serbia with a broken vehicle, asking for help to get home!

Folk russian metal band GRAI recently performed in Club Fest in Belgrade, they are still in Serbia because of the broken vehicle.

The band put a note on their Facebook page and they are asking for help. Because of their financial situation, they can go back to Russia, so please help them, this is urgent.

The band send the massage on their Facebook page and here it is:

Dear fans and friends GRAI!
After end of our tour we broke the car, again. The fault is really serious and we have to stay few days in Belgrade. Our situation is complicated because we already repaired car many times during last month and we lost a lot of money for that. We are in Serbia, 3000km from home, in big troubles and we need Your help. If any of You can and want to help us to repair car and get back home we would be very grateful.
Account in polish zloty PL80 1050 1331 1000 0091 2043 2225
Account in EUR PL68 1050 1331 1000 0091 1777 7939
Marta Dagmara Franke
41-800 Zabrze, Poland
A lot of thanks!

If you are able to help them, or you know a car mechanic who could do it for a rude price. Contact the band and help them get out of this unfortunate situation on the following numberes. We hope that everything will be alright and that it will end positively and that they will be able to return home as soon as possible.