Grumpynators premieres the live music video for the “Still Alive”, winning the battle called life in punk rock manner!

Grumpynators premieres the live music video for the “Still Alive” and it is the second song and the title track on their 3rd album from which is released in August, via Mighty Music Records.

“Still Alive” is a classical punk -rock song about remembering the times when you were young and having fun. In this song and live video that punk rock spirit is presented in such a smooth way. This song is also about the tough times in life that passes buy, surviving and being a winner in this battle called life with some cheerful punk melodies, that the fans of the band will surely like.  All of this presents  that unique punk rock vibe, that not only fans will enjoy, but the other audience as well, making this song punk rock anthem , a revelation of rebellion.

Be a winner, not a looser – win this battle called life with a punk attitude and sound, that flows through your veins and mind.

Some of Grumpynators most dedicated fans might find this song a bit familiar, as Grumpynators have played it live a few times back in December and January 2019/2020.


Video by: Julie Montauk

Recorded, produced and mixed by:  Soren Andersen at Medley Studios, Copenhagen.

Christian Nørgaard – Guitar
Jakob Øelund – Double Bass
Emil Øelund – Guitar + Vocals
Per Fisker – Drums

Photo credit:
John “Johnson” Mortensson


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Check out the live music video for the “Still Alive”, here:


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