Humanitarian concert will be held on June 27th at Garaza in Belgrade, many bands will perform to collect money for Darko!

Many metal bands will gather on Thursday at June 27th at Garage, to help a common friend Darko Kutlačić .

Among those are:

1. Kramp


3. The Father of the Serpents

4. Nadimac

5, Scaffold

About Darko:

Darko Kutlačić ”Drda” from Šid as a concert organizer helped many metal bands to present themselves to the audience. Over the past 10 years, within the Shid Cultural center, he organized ”Metal Day” event as well as numerous concerts of this genre throughout the year.

The bands that will perform for the Darko stated this about him:

“He always managed to honor bands, find sponsors and tried hard so that the organizer was always on the level, often at his own expense. This is a modest way to repay him and send him a message to think of him. ”

Dark0 Kutlačić was diagnosed with severe and persistent heart failure. His heart today works with 20% capacity, is disabled and a candidate for transplantation. He is hospitalized and his recovery will be long and difficult. Before him is life under strict, everyday therapy, where most drugs do not fund the state budget, the participants explain their reasons to help this great man.


The tickets for the concert will cost 400 dinars, and visitors will be able to leave the money in the donation box. There will also be a merch stand, both the bands of the participants, as well as other local bands who wanted to help as Infest, Kolac, Svartgren.  The money from the sale, will also be paid into the Dark’s account.

Those who are prevented from attending the event can help paying with this payment methods, below:
Payment methods:

IBAN- RS35160583020091726038
(street and number – OGNJENA PRICE, 22)

More details at Facebook event page HERE.

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