Hypothesis: 15 years of heavy metal and you might end up in a wheelchair!

Hypothesis: 15 years of heavy metal and you might end up in a wheelchair!

Heavy metal music can be dangerous! There is a huge obstacle in front of the Finnish modern melodic metal band The Hypothesis.

Bassist of the band has been headbanging for decades and now his facing several spine and cervical vertebra surgeries. According to the Finnish doctors the need of the surgeries is imminent, otherwise bassist might paralyze and end up in a wheelchair.

“Shit happens! This is a tough brake for the band, but situation could be even worse! I wouldn´t change a day without heavy metal!” –says the bassist of the band

Finland´s leading doctors and neurosurgeons are deciding the schedules of the surgeries in fastened pace. Band mates and the manager of The Hypothesis hope that their friend would get well soon.

“Let´s hope that he recovers quickly! His headbanging journey ain´t done yet!” –comments the guitarist and composer of the band

Just released the “Origin” –album of The Hypothesis has already gathered excellent reviews globally and radios around the Europe and US have added The Hypothesis on their playlists. New album can be listened in Spotify and other streaming services. Physical CD-version and digital version of the album can be purchased worldwide via links below.



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EYE FOR AN EYE -music video in bands Youtube-channel:

”I enjoyed a lot recording the guitar solo on this album, since the stuff sounds technically challenging yet catchy!” -Daniel Freyberg, Naildown / Children Of Bodom

“The Hypothesis gives you the best headbanging and the biggest muscles!” –Noora Louhimo, Battle Beast

“These newcomers from already awesome Finnish metal scene will hit you like a freight train with their modern melodic metal. Rookies hit the majors league with an instant home run!”–Tuomas Saukkonen, Wolfheart, Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace

”Overall this album is like someone has taken a death metal vocalist and thrown them into a fantasy land full of  symphonies, solos, riffs and chaos, if you love melodic metal, Origin is a début album that leaves you spellbound.” Rocknreel

Long story short it is recommended this album should be bought and listened to. Particularly if one likes the bands Scar Symmetry and Wintersun!” –Distorted Sound Magazine

”If you like your death metal edged with a touch of originality, then look no further!” The Moshville Times

“Origin is a very strong first full-length album from yet another talented Finnish heavy metal band!” –Roppongi Rocks

Although The Hypothesis have actually been about since 2009, 2016 is the year that marks the band releasing their debut album and has it been worth the wait? Most definitely!” –Soundscape Magazine








Source:  Inverse Records

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