Junkyard Drive premieres the live music video for the “Home”, rock song about being home!

Great Danish rockers Junkyard Drive premieres the live music video for the “Home”, via Mighty Music Records!

Fast, melodic song pumped with melodies played with passion. This is a great introduction to an outstanding classical rock song. The first thing that stands up in the songs are vocals, raw, strong, high, and very well balanced, that made this song just a perfect rock anthem, added with some groove rock riffs creating the good atmosphere, that leads to making this song into something unique, and of course masterpiece.

The song is about feeling nostalgic, that feeling someone has while there are at home, having all those things around them that they love, being themself’s, comfortable in their own skin, also this is live recorded song, with such a dynamic crowd that will make the experience for the viewers into something divine. Riffs are also very catchy, so the listeners will listen to them with full enjoyment. Solo parts just added that last puzzle to the whole story, making this great song complex, wild, insanely good with some positive vibes. Home is where rock is, rock is the temple of my own.

The band states this about the new song:

“In a world where everyone is judging and telling you what to do and not to do, we can in some cases find it hard to find out who we really are. In the song, we follow someone who has an urge to change his life to eventually find balance but realizes that, in order to find peace, one must look inward and not let others define where you belong”.

The song was produced & mixed by Soren Andersen / Medley Studio.

Junkyard Drive is leaving its own ”home” right after the release of the first song ”Home” as they embark on a four week intensive European Tour in October / November with Swedish Eclipse!



Check out the premiere of the live music video for the “Home”, here:

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